You're effectively saying "I'm stealing moments of your life from you, and I fucking dare you to object to it."

The moment you pull your phone out to show someone you're with someone else's instagram story, you are committing a passive act of violence.

Maybe I'm starting to hate Baltimore. Not the city itself, but what it's doing to me.

@ericallenhatch Just curious but are you aware of Babylon Berlin? Its a German language show streaming on Netflix. I think it's smart and awesome but its also possible that it isn't.

Something I hope is left over on twitter is live-reviewing tv shows the rest of us aren't watching. I follow someone, a perfectly nice person, who timeline is a lot of this:

I don't think she should have done that. The other guy was a better match for her. I'm confused by her decision making.

Being stuck behind someone paying with a credit card over someone else's phone is somehow worse than being stuck behind someone buying a ton of lottery tickets.

Hey guys, good morning, I brought donuts and bagels. 24 donuts and 2 bagels.

Do people over 50 make a conscious decision not to return texts from work colleagues or is it still too new that they just look past their notifications?

Sick Boy (12) is on the left. Bah Reedo (6) is dominantly on the right.

If cats are popular on mastodon then look at this horseshitery. This is my life.

What's a polite way of saying "please I'm literally begging you to stop talking I'm a million times busier than your are and this pointless fucking small talk is going to force me to come in on Saturday to make up for all of the time you're so carelessly stealing from me in the middle of the workday."

Am I a bad person if I think throwing bikeshare bikes in the harbor is funny..?

This show is fuckin something else. It's big, bigger than almost every tv show I've ever seen. Its Mad Men if the mad men ever left their fucking office. I dont know what I can fairly compare it to but fuck its good.

I'm completely obsessed with Svetlana's performance at end of the 2nd episode of Babylon Berlin. I don't know why, I don't know what it was or how to describe it, I've never seen anything like it before, but I'm sitting here, away from my computer, completely mesmerized by it because its powerful.

I'm too busy but I hope every brand is getting their handle gobbled up .

Unfollowing and blocking anyone who posts the same shit on twitter and mastodon.

2, being caught off guard by the rise of professional video game leagues is kind of telling on yourself, especially if the in-person audiences for football, basketball, etc., don't seem strange in the same way.

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