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I am Paul Pushparaj, a marketer, music lover, fan of gifs and memes. I like South Indian food and poha, also a terminal sweet tooth...

Out of the twitter I am happy to discuss on Politics, Comedy, Satire, Free speech, History and Words in general... A little humour and tolerance goes a long way... here to and make fun conversations...


3 most likely outcomes of elections in India:

1. BJP forms the govt on it's own.

2. BJP forms the govt after poaching opposition MLAs.

3. BJP rules through the governor.


To clarify, I'm not Tamil. I'm talking of the sort of views.

I bought into this crap for a good part of my life.

Being an ex-asshole is a sort of work in progress thing for life, like being an ex-alcoholic.

Gotta keep an eye on the brain for tendency to form into old ruts.

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@vidyut I was a Republican in high school. You’re right, not being an asshole anymore is something you have to work hard at.

When caught out, the likes of Trump & Netanyahu cry conspiracy. Netanyahu refuses to resign after being indicted, and a forklift will have to be used on Trump too. As for India’s Snoopendra Modi, he will blackmail and bribe his way to stay in power (and cry conspiracy as well). These RW despots, bah!

I'm happy with the 500 characters on Mastadon .I can't tweet but definitely TOOT!!

The sudden, backdoor swearing in of Devendra Phadnavis, is a perpetuation of Peshwai through the backdoor. It needs to be defeated on the floor of the house and more importantly through a people's reclaiming of their mandate.

"President Kovind was woken up and asked to sign a notification revoking Central rule in Maharashtra. He did this at 5:47 am. But the president could only act based on a recommendation of the cabinet, and there appears to have been no cabinet meeting or recommendation to that effect."

Siddharth Varadarajan's analysis of the

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It’s a sad state that we get odd things from odd places. In general a lot more selfish as human race. Comedians are talking about morality and reasoning. Whereas blatant profiteering and power concentration has left behind the sense of service that is imbibed into the profession of politics. That is a sad state and we are long fallen from the pinnacle as a civilisation

Is that all that is to think about nowadays social media social media. There is still a lot wrong with the conventional media and politics in general.

So this Sasha baron Cohen guy spoke for some 25 minutes and all I fear is bad things about social media and Facebook.

I'm watching the Sacha Baron Cohen speech and I agree with a lot of what he says up to the point where he suggests checking every single post before it's published 🤔


Nearby screen Varma is a villain, here he's a hero. 🙄

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folks any way to get some numbers about posts like reach & engagement. So far I have been quite impressed by the simplicity and the unbiased nature.

I am going to be doing and follow for folks... people interested please hit me up.

Would love to talk technology, marketing, all kinds of stuff just not too much politics though...

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