Huzzah! @Higgidy have finally replaced the plastic trays for their quiches with cardboard ones. Now all that’s left is that damn plastic window…

Am reminded of Jon Stewart’s view that the conflict is not left versus right but corruption versus not-corruption; ‘contrarian narcissists who trade as “free-thinkers”’ sit firmly in the first camp.

Lovely bumping into @yandle earlier. Compared notes on working in government, and reminisced about ‘that trip’ to New York in 2013.

2 weeks banging my head against a wall trying to get something to work, but getting nowhere.

10 minutes explaining the problem to @roobottom this morning, and have now figured out the correct solution.

It’s good to talk.

Posting photos from @tryglass to my own website using @microdotblog’s iOS app works seemlessly. Still, would rather cut out the middleman and syndicate directly to my website from Glass using the Micropub API.

How wonderful to spend an evening in the company of @dhuntrods, @roobottom and @vivdoc. Here’s to more socialising in the new, new normal.

Honestly, sometimes I think it’d be easier and quicker to train as a builder instead of spending weeks trying to find somebody willing to do the work or is capable of doing a half-decent job. See also: plumbers, electricians and window fitters.

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