Enjoyable and long overdue catch-up with @c_p_pearson and @mandr8. Roll on summer and more of the same, hopefully with @tobefrankj in tow too. twitter.com/@c_p_pearson

Sat on a park bench, only to have a dog throw up in front of me.Pretty sums up the state of things.

Line of Duty is much harder to believe if you’re familiar with both Birmingham, (where it’s heavily implied the series is set) and Belfast, where it’s been filmed since series two.

A fun and fascinating evening spent with Sarah, Rachael and Duncan. A good Good Friday.

Was seriously considering paying to watch Formula 1 this season, but the options available can only be described as extortionate. Will stick to the highlights and a weekend spent avoiding any spoilers.

When a fund decides not to invest in a company due to the way it treats its frontline employees, if I were a designer working for that company, I might want to reconsider my own priorities. theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/m

It took a global pandemic and adding myself to a month-long waiting list, but it was lovely to finally catch up with @aizlewood earlier today.One day I’ll get him to a pub. One day. twitter.com/@aizlewood

Brilliant, insightful and fascinating, @wordridden’s year-long journal of the plague comes to an end. As an important artefact in the social history of this pandemic, I’m convinced it should be placed in a library somewhere. twitter.com/@wordridden

So sad to hear that Murray Walker has passed away. His unadulterated passion for Formula 1 transcended the screen and made every race an unmissable event. Watching a Grand Prix has never really been the same since he lay down his mic.

If you were wondering if no longer having an upstairs neighbour has given me licence to sing badly at the top of my voice, the answer is an emphatic: yes! 🙉

This is precisely the wrong week for me to be feeling fed up and depressed.

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