Oh, you know, just downloading @qwertykate’s published novel. No biggie. 🤯💜 unbound.com/books/purple-peopl

Lots of JavaScript libraries and tools are extensible via plugins. This is something I’d like to enable with my own (ExpressJS-based) app, yet I’ve found no examples or tutorials that demonstrate how best to achieve this. Where should I be looking?

Venturing outside, you can almost feel the rate of infection increasing, the second spike almost a given.

Just gave out a large yelp upon learning that @iAWriter now includes support for publishing to websites via Micropub!

As dealing with Coronavirus leans so heavily on devolved matters, the phrase ‘four nations’ has now become commonplace. The United Kingdom is breaking apart, slowly at first…

It’s not often I watch an entire series in one sitting, but Normal People had me captivated from beginning to end. Beautiful story, wonderfully shot. bbc.co.uk/programmes/p089g8rs

Over the last two months, I’ve accomplished my annual running goal of 120 km – something I failed to achieve over the course of any previous year, I should add. Guess I’d better set a new goal then!

The last season of Veep is really hard going, with now unrecognisable characters lumbering their way through needlessly heightened story lines. Perhaps inevitable, given the show jumped the shark by installing Selina as president midway through its run; where else could it go?

Took a long walk over to East Brighton, across Sheepcote Valley and through Brighton Marina, before heading back along Madeira drive and past the Royal Pavilion. Brighton really is a beautiful city.

Anyone else experience moments of dyscalculia when translating times between 24-hour and 12-hour clocks? I often end up ignoring the first digit, so will read a time like 19:00 (7pm) as 9pm. Drives me crazy!

So we don’t lurch from one crisis to another, we need to put people before planes: no taxpayer-backed bailouts without conditions on workers rights, concrete action on climate commitments and no more tax exceptions. Sign the petition. change.org/p/open-letter-to-th

Keeping myself entertained during the lockdown with a spot of home baking. First up, banana bread.

Joined everyone in my street to . Wow, that was quite something.

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