It’s incredible the things you can find when rummaging around in the crevices and cavities of your home. Today I found a Pine Coffin.

…and if everything is hooked up correctly, this should be the first reply to a post that is hosted on my own website.

I’ve just signed this open letter standing in international solidarity with the congresswomen facing Donald Trump’s racist attacks. You should too.

A selection of views seen during a relaxing weekend spent in and around the Mawddach Estuary near Dolgellau.

After a 10-hour drive beset by delays, finally arrived in Dolgellau. Had planned on camping this evening, but given the awful weather, found a hotel instead. Turns out its manager previously owned The Signalman, the pub at the end of my street. Small world!

Was lovely to finally meet @edwardhorsford earlier today and geek out a little bit over @eleven_ty.

After many years reading RSS feeds with the supremely elegant and stylish Reeder app, very much enjoying a return to the stripped back simplicity of NetNewsWire (currently in alpha).

Banter, boa buns and beer with these two, @tobefrankj and @mandr8. It is what it is.

Hard to believe that a Danny Boyle film, written by Richard Curtis and featuring the music of the Beetles, could turn out to be so distinctly average and yet, apart from one pivotal scene towards the end, Yesterday proved to be less than the sum of its parts.

With 6,500 images spread over 1,600 pages and weighing 6.5kg, Olympic Games – The Design is quite the droll-worthy Kickstarter project. Backed!

When it comes to public transport, the Dutch really do have their shit together, don’t they.

The architecture of Zaandam is so surreal, even the late Piet Blom might question its seriousness.

Have bit of a soft spot for the Class 442 Wessex Electrics from their time on the Gatwick Express service, so it’s lovely to see them back on the railway again.

Yet another excellent @cssdayconf, one that this year, thanks to speakers like @steveschoger, @laras126 and @natalyathree, began to bridge the great divides in our industry by providing healthier means of framing the debates. More of this sort of thing!

While it’s lovely to be back in Amsterdam, given this is my fourth visit in five years, feeling somewhat inured by it all. Excited by the prospect of venturing further afield on Saturday… Zaanse Schans perhaps?

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