Reusable coffee cups are just a drop in the ocean for efforts to save our seas

They are easily marketable strategies to attract 'environmentally-minded' customers though

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So many people (not just megarich but ordinary people saving for pensions on autoenrollment) depend on share growth for retirement income without knowing what they are investing in. Difficult to change a company's behaviour when its owners don't necessarily even know they are the owners.

Financial Times did an article about this crazy situation (may or may not be paywalled, wasn't for me):

Oh, boy, you know that song, "Allo Hawaii, Allo, Hawaii"?

Well, maybe you're not as ignorant as I am and knew the song is actually called "Aloha 'Oe". But you probably didn't know that the song was composed as a tearful farewell and became a symbol of Hawaii's loss independence when it became a US colony.

“Will you be nice to Facebook and Google at the afternoon sessions?” — organiser to me at #NordicPrivacyArena

(I asked the transport minister of Finland and the Mozilla rep hard questions at their sessions.)

Me: “I don’t think that’s the right question to ask. Would you be nice to Exxon Mobil at an environmental protection conference?”

Just had the pleasure of introducing my girlfriend to an Irish institution - "Where's me jumper" by The Sultans of Ping =)

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Dear #Lazyweb, we have a weekly team lunch where someone from our team volunteers to buy lunch for everyone and another volunteer does dishes afterwards.

We'd like to make this volunteering more formal so that everyone does their fair share of the task.

What kind of scheduling tools exist to do this? Something that would allow people trading places and ensure that nobody is doing too little or too much.

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I love that one of AWS' announcements this week was that they finally support direct debit in the EU rather than just credit card. Welcome to the 21st century, American company...

If you are interested in examining the privacy implications of Android apps, there is google chrome extensions Exodus Privacy is a great tool. For example, it reveals these 19 trackers in Deezer and 9 trackers in Spotify (it seems you are tracked even if you pay €€€)

More good news in the war on the #ClimateEmergency / #GlobalWarming:
Someone's taking the #Irish government to court over the #Climate and their inaction towards it!

'The Government has announced the organisations that will sit on the Executive Board of a new national body to tackle online harms in the UK. The UK Council for Internet Safety (UKCIS) is the successor to the UK Council for Child Internet Safety (UKCCIS), with an expanded scope to improve online safety for everyone in the UK.'

Members include GCHQ, Facebook, the IWF... Every well connected fox in town gets to guard the henhouse, it seems.

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@fosdem That “free” word you keep using refers to “freedom”.

”We aren’t selective about about sponsors and sources of donations” is tone-deaf, reckless, & simply not acceptable in 2018 for any group that seeks legitimacy in the ethics of what they do.

Palantir develops open source ( and also helps ICE find & deport asylum seekers. By your (lack of) ethical standards, they would be welcome as a sponsor.

Please see and review your stance on this.

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