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Padraic Harley

@switchingsocial do you have any alternatives to AWS anywhere as well? Outside of the big hitters, that is =)


I don't know, sorry 😟

(I'm just a consumer, not a developer or admin.)

I'll boost this to see if anyone else has any ideas?

@pauricthelodger This is the most complete article I've seen on that topic:

It includes Google, Amazon and IBM, but if you scroll further down, you'll find many others.

Of all the services cited there, I've only used Linode and I'm happy with it. Many people speak wonders of OVH also, but your choice will depend on your specific needs, of course.


@pauricthelodger @switchingsocial
I do, I wrote up a quick list which you can read at (expires in 1 month)
@switchingsocial I would be happy to do some more research for more companies and email them to you if you want.


Thanks for the offer! I think it's mainly @pauricthelodger that is looking for that info?

(I'm more on the consumer end of things.)