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I'm not sure how I stored "webpage to read later" for swapping between mobile and desktop before the Firefox "share to other device" function. So easy now. Android is: Share 》Firefox 》Open in browser / Send to other device 》Work profile / Home profile / Tablet profile.

Desktop: Awesome bar 》 Share to device icon 》 Work / Home / Tablet / Mobile


Git Yes, we listened to the users who aren't nazi-sympatizers.

I hope you can understand that we're expressing our freedom of speech and freedom of association here.

@garbados We got fired for talking about unions and then they terrified everyone who was still left, and we have receipts for miles, but still the CEO thinks he can talk his way out of this

Yesterday was my last day, and I leave in the knowledge that despite the recent horrors the current C team have wrought, it has truly been the most amazing group of people I have ever worked with. All my love to and engineering.

Je suis wombats.


Delighted to see the release of the new privacy-friendly keyserver, which finally fixes a number of serious issues in the aged SKS network. The new server finally lets you replace or delete your keys and has separation of key and identity data!

Here's Paul Baran's RAND-published September 1962 justification for distributed communications networks summed up in a single chart. It's also the same paper where the famous "centralized vs decentralized vs distributed" triptych of graphs comes from. You still see this exact diagram, uncited, in modern presentations on the decentralized/distributed web.

Full paper:

Reading through transcripts of internal conversations at RAND Corporation (big cold war think tank) back in 1958 about the future of computers and programming and this.... it's too real

Discovered tonight that Mozilla finally set up a donation site at some point since I last checked -

Was impressed that they have bank accounts set up so I can do a SEPA standing order, aka a bank transfer within various European countries. Monthly S.O. setup, and a smaller one for Thunderbird =)

Where's my Open smartphone ? The state of open source and Freedom-friendly smartphones is next up at the #Edinburgh #Linux User Group talks on Tue 2nd July 2019 #smartphones #opensource #foss

I'm just gonna say: The YouTube recommendation algorithm is FAR more harmful than any amount of channels full of hate speech. Optimizing for engagement is always going to give priority to these sorts of things. Engagement is a toxic metric.

In the past week, Github has made moves aimed at taking over both free software packaging and now free software crowdfunding.

This is utterly scary, and I'm surprised nobody is talking about it.

I can tell I'm back in Ireland because the fucking bus hasn't turned up yet to leave the airport...

@rice @gid There's good evidence that moderation does reduce hate speech. If someone says horrible things about women or about people with disabilities, clear words and actions from moderators that these statements are not welcome do a lot to reduce them overall.

Without these moderator words and actions, the nasties proliferate and even encourage each other.

We have evidence that you don't have to tolerate the bad to keep the good.

I just realised why Idle is called that... I only been using Python for a decade 😬🙄

Avengers Endgame 

My life feels like a continuous cycle of finding new stuff to want to learn without ever having enough time to get through the growing list. Need to stop being so darn fascinated by things!

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