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Moving from one android phone to another and bringing your data with you should really not be as difficult as I found it today =/

With this and AMP, Google is gradually erasing the line between googling something and actually visiting a website...

5g nutjobs 

DevOps is designed to align motivation and risk - if you carry the pager for code you write, you're going to be responsible for the consequences of your code, and change your plans accordingly - but if we wanted to do this right for social media, the people actually writing the code would be spending a few days a month moderating content, too.

Listening to the human costs of content moderation, and it remains horrifying, and horrible. Facebook is outsourcing trauma for minimum wage.

Wait… when did WeWork buy I guess we’d better start planning for that community resource being shuttered in a couple of months…

Do not use Microsoft Excel for important research

Microsoft Excel is malware

Thunderbird, Enigmail and OpenPGP - " future Thunderbird 78 release, planned for summer 2020, we will add built-in functionality for email encryption and digital signatures using the OpenPGP standard." great news

Asked the Uni Starbucks franchise that I'd like an Iced Tea without lemonade. This was very shocking to them. Mainly because I don't think everything needs to have a ridiculous amount of extra sugar for no reason

Climate strike 

I'm off work sick and am so bored at home that I'm now triaging bugs on some random github repos as people are making them 😆 😢

People that take the Glasgow-Edinburgh train have developed this anarcho-communist ticket sharing economy and I love it. It's because return tickets cost literally only 10 pence more than a single, so people just buy returns and leave the other ticket at the station they arrive at.

It's fucking beautiful and more folk need tae know about it

I’ve been hearing this whole “the kids will save us” line since I was a child myself. In the 1980s.

What that line means is “I can’t be bothered to lift a finger, so I’ll make someone else take the responsibility”.

I'm 39 years old. If the people who had said that about my generation as children had decided to actually do something about either climate change or white supremacy, imagine where we’d be by now.

As a subconscious clicker of empty sides of web pages to confirm window focus, I really f**king dislike the new reddit UI...

I gave part of a talk at today with my colleagues on the methods we've been using to track deforestation for the Forest2020 project =)

"Unfortunately, #Slack calls aren't available in this browser. We recommend downloading the Slack desktop app, or you can switch to Chrome."

Take a hike, Slack, #Firefox isn't some obscure web browser you couldn't possibly support.

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