I haven't been on here in a long time, is the world a better place yet?

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gonna fuck around and piss everyone off by pronouncing gif as "gee eye eff"

Had good coffee this morning and decided to toot, also on Mastodon

I hate talking about coding with other coders cause I am convinced one day I will out myself as the hack fraud that i am and someone will tell my boss on me

i am at my best self when there are new little mechanical pencils in the supply room at work

which is admittedly not great for our service records

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when the car dealership has your vehicle under your name and your wife's email address.

We are one <3

I don't want to work
I just want to make Doom maps all day

(wheel of fortune voice) WORLD. OF. WARCRAFT.

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(Judas priest breaking the law voice) working from home working from home

"why didn't my code work?" asked every coder and no coder at the exact same time

You guys are all good coders so I'm sure you can't relate...

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