Time to sum up what happened in the world of web design! My subjective list of the most important resources, news and product announcements of a month — every last day of a month! Enjoy!

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O WOW! Pixelmator just announced a Pixelmator Pro (coming this fall). It is super exciting to see really good photo editing tools next to Adobe Photoshop that has been the only industry standard for years. It's getting interesting! Full iCloud integration, Metal 2, P3 Color support & more. Looking forward to test it!


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Last day of a month — it is time for my subjective list of the best front-end resources out there!

This month is all about: Node.js authentication, accessibility, GraphQL, Adobe Flash, and brand new Figma 2.0.


Few weeks ago I didn't know Node.js and I didn't know how to debug it. I know Node.js now and I know how to debug it. It is cool and debugging is very easy with Google Chrome. Thats the subject of my new article. Enjoy :*

Node.js + Google Chrome = ❤️


Hi people. Today I build a tiny React web app to help you build snippets (reusable chunks of code) for Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text and Atom. Enjoy :-*


End of a month, time for a subjective summary! The most important news, resources and tutorials put together into one single page — like every month. Enjoy 🥑


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Are you a photographer? Graphic designer? Maybe front-end developer? Blend modes — you heard of it — but do you know how to use it effectively in your software or code? You can d it with pure CSS too! Let me explain...


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“Native ECMAScript modules in the browser”

Javascript modules have been a part of the spec for a little while now but it's taken some time to see the first implementation in a web browser. Finally, we have it!


Siema 1.4.0 just landed! Can't thank enough to all open source contributors who helped me out on this release. It is the biggest release ever! Bunch of new amazing features. Thank you all ❤️



Hello :)

Hello! Is anybody there? I don't know what I'm doing but i quite like this Mastodon :)

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