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"he's giving you a thumbs up before he vaporizes you"

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realized my old intro was a lil outdated so hewwo aww you kind fowks hewe on mastodon! i'm sen vals! 22 yrs old, bi, nonbinary (any pronouns), kinda cool sometimes. i have a passion for posting pictures of fat pikachu daily.
i like anime, video games, writing (which at any point i should be working on), and music, primarily pop punk/alternative stuff.
gender is a fuck and i'll rub my gay, trans little hands on every piece of media you love.

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@pawnshopheart Romeo is scared of kittens (hides in his safety box), likes to play with dogs, can reach the kitchen counter from the floor and is obsessed with eggs.

@noelle @pawnshopheart that one dude in the background playing Roblox, just having none of it

@pawnshopheart the unit of cat corpulence is the garfield, sometimes called the ihm ("I hate Mondays")

@pawnshopheart iirc i nabbed these precious photos from a friend on twitter ages ago

anyone got any pictures of really fat cats? anyone got some absolute units for me to look at?