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"he's giving you a thumbs up before he vaporizes you"

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realized my old intro was a lil outdated so hewwo aww you kind fowks hewe on mastodon! i'm sen vals! 22 yrs old, bi, nonbinary (any pronouns), kinda cool sometimes. i have a passion for posting pictures of fat pikachu daily.
i like anime, video games, writing (which at any point i should be working on), and music, primarily pop punk/alternative stuff.
gender is a fuck and i'll rub my gay, trans little hands on every piece of media you love.

seeing any of those like... videos that show u restaurants where rich people can eat food covered in gold gets me so fucking pissed all the time like you're just pissing away your money! you can't even taste the gold! it's frivolous bullshit
anyway eat the rich

cold and tired. probably going to bed like. within the next half hour. i'm the Sleepiest Boy In The World

if anyone lets vince know what i'm planning i Will fight u
i want this to be a surprise

(okay the secret is. i'm working on a playlist for vince. technically i made one for him like. a few years back? but it wasn't JUST for him so i figured it's worth revisiting. tho this is a completely different playlist for sure)

just checked. vince has been my qpp for 3 years

and then our anniversary is the day after. i don't know how many years it's been bc i'm a fool
we've known each other for 5 tho, that much i know

i almost tweeted abt the thing i'm doing rn but like. i can't ruin the surprise
even if the person in question'll probably never see it if i did say smth on here

god so i was watching my friend's instagram live earlier and to announce my presence i went "hewwo" and she literally said hewwo out loud and i am still thinking about it

me, interacting w/ my one irl friend who i've had an on-off crush on for like 7-8 yrs or so: don't say something gay, DON'T say something gay