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You can now post your pics from gimp.

I ported like 80% of my krita plugin to #gimp. it's alpha but does the job.

single py file you just install in ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins on #linux
(make plugin executable)

not macOS compatible. Windows untested atm


#opensource #mastodon #mastoart #toot #python


I'm trying it on Windows 7...

Don't like the popup to tell me to create an account, that doesn't have an OK button.

I assume that after I enter the Mastodon Server URL and press authorize I would get a dialog asking for username/password? Because it seems to hang at that point.

Kevin Payne


A very quick look at the code shows "print" statements. This is catastrophic on Windows as they get sent to a fixed size buffer that never gets flushed - causing hangs.

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