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But hear me out. What *if* we replaced cars with Planned Parenthoods?

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OMG this Twitter hack is wild, look at this dumbass tweet the hackers made her post: twitter.com/RealCandaceO/statu

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ppl use "in this essay i will" as a joke format on here but most of the time i'm like ok but i'd like to read that essay

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Really hate the idea of calling survivors of abuse and trauma “so strong” for enduring that. I didn’t have a choice. Years later, I’m still hurting... I don’t feel “strong”

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verifieds always get the good features first, like being released from this website

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*Unverified Account Occupancy Protest

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Unverified Account Autonomous Zone

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Since George Floyd was murdered 49 days ago, there have been AT LEAST 767 documented cases of police brutality. That’s almost 16 a day. twitter.com/greg_doucette/stat

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the first 'are robots people' legal debate will be when someone shoots a police robot & the police charge them with murder

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It means conservative commentary currently floats in a rancid cesspool full of grotesque and abhorrent attitudes which it must constantly struggle to conceal in civilized quarters. twitter.com/thomaschattwill/st

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I did not fully appreciate the issue with "most cops don't live in the neighborhood they police" until seeing this twitter.com/KingBach/status/12

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