I'm trying to read feedly in a terminal app. I don't know what my problem is

I wish I would have had a vision of me begging a crabby daughter to get out of the single bathroom while I hold back an explosion when I was signing the mortgage papers.

Because then I wouldn’t have signed. Too late now.

RT Miexriir: Quarantine Diary, week 3:

found the remote to my All-Stars Racing Shadow The Hedgehog Electric RC Motorcycle

When my work had me work from home, it didn’t seem so bad.

When my kids school closed, it didn’t seem so bad.

But when my vet is doing curbside service for my cat- I realized fully how insane everything is right now

Alright, now westworld is doing some kind of POV videogame style thing with a robot running through a building and it's painful to watch.

Season 3 of west world is shaping up to be like season two. Ugh. Why does a good show have to fall down the “Prison Break” hole?

It’s too hot to fake-friendly with neighbors when I’m trying to mow the lawn. I’m ready to naked-scream at them like that episode of ‘always sunny’.

I’ve spent so much money on my old cats in the last week, that when the vet called to tell me it will be $60 for more meds- I didn’t even feel anything

"Sheldon, you need to chill."
"Sheldon, you -need- to chill."
"You need to chill."
"I need to chill?"

- This is what I've been listening to next door when they're not running power-saw for an hour straight.

St. Paul Places Poetry at Residents’ Feet I like this idea, of stamping poetry into sidewalks. Short quotes from literature would also work. Why not add a bit of whimsy and serendipity to a sidewalk? nextcity.org/daily/entry/st.-p

I WAS thinking about recording another episode of my podcast. But of course that's when the construction at the neighbors house started...

"Thanks" homeowners.

God help me- I'm in SiteCore training right now. They have more acronyms than a late 90s Microsoft product..

Decided to listen to @MagicTavern@twitter.activitypub.actor from the first episode- can anyone tell me when the “My Dead Wife the Robot Car” ads stop playing?

Sitting at a jiffy lube. They have to know that playing 80s music just depresses people right?

When you have everyone wait in 20 x 20 foot room that has a huge coke machine taking up half the space, who said “80s music would make this a fun little spot.

When you don’t care about football, the world is your oyster on days like today.

After listening to my manager breathe heavily into the phone during my morning huddle for the first two minutes, I'm ready to start my day

Just had a Christian friend explain to me that the humans on earth are made up of cast out demons forced to spend our time here trying to figure out how to be nicer.

That explains him, anyway.

aah.. and so begins a long night of drunken 'journaling'... lets see where this takes us.

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