ok one more. this one is funny because it's from a movie made from a still from a movie. so it's EXTRA weird.

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that myhertigate deep nostalgia tool works on like, any photo with faces, so here's a few good ones

February, time to listen to Beach House and get worried

Dogecoin having a market cap greater than Litecoin (on which it's based) is like if a caricature drawing of the Mona Lisa was suddenly more valuable than the real Mona Lisa itself.

I admit that "bad stocks are good now" is a natural extension of 2020-style magical thinking that I did not previously consider

So after 13 months BlueSky has produced a 61-page homework report and has no project manager? But 40-50 active Twitter employees working on it? Ok.

exams are over, time to listen to the wham Christmas song on repeat for 3 weeks

"pause your video and give this exercise a try"
I'd rather be shot with a gun

EE is cool because I thought this graph was a rendering error at first, but no it's real 😅

Also, no one seems to be talking about this, but I think it's interesting they transitioned all the non-GPU-using Macs in one fell swoop. Waiting for the next SoC rev ("M1X" or maybe "P1") to put in the more powerful machines to establish a new tick-tock year-over-year pattern, perhaps.

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Apple's new M1 SoC looks sweet but I'll be super interested to see how they differentiate performance in the MBA vs the MBP. I assume they're just running it at a higher clock thanks to the higher TDP, but I wonder how much higher.

Love it when a professor tries to empathize with student stress by providing a "mental health day" with no class, but then assigning a paper about what we did on our "mental health day" to be due the following class.

Man, it seems like if you really want the best phone camera, you have to get the Big Ass iPhone

I tried to goad my economics professor into discussing MMT by asking why it matters if the national debt keeps growing. He did not bite. “Because we have to pay it back, we just have to.” Sigh

getting text messages from family abroad telling me it's no longer safe in the US and I should leave ASAP, very cool and normal

After a long day of classes, readings, and homework, I like to unwind with a little something I call "dessert homework" (homework that isn't due tomorrow)

Most of what people call “software development” is just reimplementing ideas that other people had a decade ago.

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