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Here's something I wrote about filing my first Freedom of Information Act request

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Harold Miner from the NBA Jam games should be in SSBU.

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purity ring is the best halloween music. just dark and creepy and witchy enough

there's nothing i love more than watching the lo fi hip hop chill beats to relax and study to youtube channel in 4k on a 60" TV

It’s almost time for Organ Donor to be sampled by a hit EDM track

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Just got my lingual (lower) permanent retainer removed after like 16 years. Is this what heroine feels like?

Reading New York 2140 AND the IPCC climate report is, uh, special

i'm sorry but Tommy John's sounds like a pizza not a surgery

one of the best parts about living in front of a speed hump is hearing the drivers who give zero fucks and speed right over, tearing up their undercarriage on the bounce

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the SFO airport was playing You Want It Darker in the TSA line, and that's when i knew the simulation was broken

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just when you think your days of makefiles are over, you find yourself building macports for mojave. i crawl out, they pull me right back in.

having been raised roman catholic, my favourite part of sunday morning is most definitely the part where I don't go to church any more.

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