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patrick @pbg

PSA: Switch Pro Controllers now seem to be in stock everywhere. If you're still waiting on Amazon, just check you local Target/Walmart. (Brickseek)

I don't think it's overhyping to say that Zelda:BoTW is the best RPG in over a decade. Makes me feel like I'm coming home from school to play Ocarina of Time again. Like, I forgot games could be this good.

sometimes I try to code websites without flexbox, spend like 20 minutes doing the window-blinds-dance thing, and then go "lol, ok, time for flexbox"

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@acw @xor @sarahjeong oh I believe you, just assumed it was an existing thing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

@xor @sarahjeong wait what. I thought it was simply to say welcome, a southern hospitality thing.

@foozmeat ohhhhh I have heard about this place!!

Trying to plan my wife's birthday weekend trip to LA. Any fun cool neat neat non-obvious things you'd recommend?

Ahhhh nothing like being home after a 5 day trip to make you truly appreciate updating your apps.

I see a lot of doubt directed at Mastodon, partially because it's precursors (Ello, Peach, Etc.) fared so poorly, but I think a defining difference is that it's the first platform in a long time where I'm both interested and *able* to actually build something on. And I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that way.

AFAICT alaska airlines "free chat" is a full data connection just throttled to like 56k speeds. 👍🏻

waking up at 5am for a flight got me like 😑

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I think a major source of bad Mastodon takes is that people are used to a totalizing, Facebookian idea of why social networks have value; Facebook (purportedly) has value because every single person you know is on it. But from a lot of perspectives, this is a misfeature. People fail to grasp how Mastodon can have value when it's about participative communities and not about mapping your entire social life onto a digital space.

@foozmeat @ashur I think the thing that [seems to] hold together an instance, aside from the domain name, is the public timeline. If the public timeline is mostly people from/in/about PDX, then the user base will (hopefully) self-select.

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It's the remix to Twitter, all those devs they be bitter, users rollin in content but ain't no ads up in hither. Gimme that toot toot. Don't gimme that tweet tweet

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the great thing about open source is that instead of screaming into the void and then receiving bad features you never asked for, everything is broken but you shrug it off because no one has any money anyways

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I didn't notice this for the first month or so I used Mastodon, so pointing it out in case it's useful to others:

so glad I can stop saying I work for a company that is "like" 20 years old. now it's really just 20 years old.