I truly love that someone was like “have we tried getting high as a Covid defense mechanism? We should definitely test that”

oh hell yeah, my favourite year-end wrap-up review: the 2021 Portland Climatological Report: forecast.weather.gov/product.p

Happy new year to my fellow coffee enjoyers and non-enjoyers alike.

Don't Look Up was good but too long and also I wanted more Timmy

So is Graveyard Keeper just like, goth Stardew Valley?

the beanie babies documentary was a bust. no interesting new information, no plot twist, just a lot of sad moms

dock.app "poof" sound being played worldwide as millennials and gen-z kids remove unneeded cruft from their parents' default macOS installs

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between the Macbook Pros getting back their ports and Instagram going back to a rev-chron timeline, it's starting to feel like tech is ready to admit to itself that it peaked in the mid-2010s.

A few weeks ago in San Francisco I law a dude riding a Ducati 996 in a t-shirt and carrying a chainsaw. Still thinking about that man.


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