WeWork's greatest success is fooling the investment community out of billions of dollars without using the word "Blockchain" even once.

to reiterate cause i just hit this super hard: the worst part of learning is thinking you understand something, and then having to solve a problem which absolutely trounces what you thought you understood. makes you realize you have to start over at square one. truly devastating.

Mini-ITX boards are cute and deserve attention, thank you.

If you have any domains with Tucows (or Hover, their subsidiary) I highly recommend (request, even) you contact them and ask when they plan on dropping 8chan as a client.

Everyone in this bar just yelled “fuck you, trumotion!!” at the TV as the bartender turned off motion smoothing

overheard a very precious moment in the san francisco kinokuniya bookstore where a concerned mother asked a clerk "are the boys in this comic in love??" and the clerk responded "mam, this is the yaoi section"

Cars with “shooting brake” in the name should all be driven straight into the dump

This worked out well by the way. Turns out adding a HUGE heat sink to a 300W GPU is a good call. This plus new fans make it inaudible now. 👍🏻👍🏻

Dang I hate it when houses I like sell for [triple checks screenshot] $843M over asking.

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My idea of the perfect first date? You come over to my apartment, we order food. A large Hawaiian pizza, no sauce. I put on a video. It's a 3 hour long compilation of everytime Peter Griffin's hurt himself. You keep trying to get up to get something to drink. I keep making you sit down, telling you "No, you gotta wait for this next part. It's hilarious."

ee student life 



Just curious: if you have an iPhone XS and take pretty good care of it, is your screen also scratched to hell?

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mastodon's distributed group of admins took more immediate and decisive action against the far right than twitter has in 13 years

Also, if you read the details on this bug, it's clear their software org has no concept of infosec whatsoever, and it's highly likely this vulnerability is just the tip of the iceberg. If you use them, I'd recommend getting out now.

When I had to join a Zoom conf earlier this year, I went to install their mac app and saw it unused an unsigned installer that wanted admin privs. I nope'd right out of that and just used the iOS version (sandboxing, yay). Feeling very vindicated.

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