now getting 5+ spam SMS messages per day. very cool system

Truly insane that's 2022 and Google maps embedded still hijack scrolling for zooming, breaking every website that uses them.

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Seems like Patreon's new redesign removed the ability to see how much a creator is making? Probably good, but feels harder to gauge legitimacy of the creators now. Idk maybe I just don't like the redesign.

I only use Instagram through the web, a platform they seem to have forgotten they supported long ago, so I never see ads or reels. It kinda rules? (I don’t post anything ever and only use it to follow a few friends and tattoo artists.)

NOPE was extremely good. Like, very very good. I wish I knew enough about cinema to fully appreciate it, but I loved it none the less.

3 weeks in Europe was a real wild experience after almost 6 years at home. Difficult to ascertain if it was a break from to return to reality.

No one is as good at merging as European bus drivers are

Any time I do laundry in a foreign country at a laundromat (or in this case, a Vaskeriget) I feel like a god damn Mensa champion.

The Copenhagen vibe is absolutely immaculate right now

us politics 

Extremely bad that basically everyone I know (in the US) – who are all pretty reasonable people – quietly agree that violent revolutionary acts are really the only way out of the current political dystopia.

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The result! Done by Brice Poli, atelier privée. J’adore.

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Uhhhhhhhh getting on Friday tattoo when it’s 102F, dear god please have air conditioning in your studio, my guy


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