scary thing about learning EE is that i've come across a particular thing where I think "oh, this is easy!" followed immediately by "oh, that probably means I don't understand it" 😅

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If you have an iOS device I highly recommend you check out and scroll down to the AR section. You can view the device in AR and its really fun to play with.

For real, Playdate is Panic hitting their stride, surprising and delightful in the special way that they've truly mastered. I can't wait for people to get to play it, and I'm so happy for all my former coworkers – y'all are doing an amazing job ✌️

if y'all don't think panic x teenage engineering is the greatest possible collab ever, i don't know what to tell you

Extremely Ontario toot: iOS recently started autokorreking “Muskoka” to “Muslims” 🙃

happy carly rae jepsen new album everyone

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picture this: you're plato. your butt smells awful and your robes are flecked with spoiled goats milk. you have olive pits stuck in your snarled and knotted beard. you live in a hole lined with pigs leather. you sit down at your 3 legged table and say "somewhere things are perfect." then u die and fancy lads agree wiht you for like 1000 years

pop-up magazine was really tremendously good. highly recommended if you get the chance.

the real game of thrones were the friends we made along the way

I like the new Vampire Weekend. There's some Discovery feels on 2021, and Unbearably White has a real tight hook.

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ahhhh that's so cool, I love... *checks hand* songs

I accidentally destroyed an lm386 in lab today because i mistakenly thought it was pin out compatible with lm741. just ee student things

the met gala always inspires those "we live in panem"-feelings

Extremely late to this but everyone was extremely correct about Into the Spiderverse being amazing

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linkedin just suggested that i endorse yehuda katz on his javascript skills. rad

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