1. If you gathered all the kinetic energy from an 8x25ft cross-section of air passing at about 5m/s, you'd only be able to generate about 17kWh of power, not the 27kWh you'd need to power the average US home. (Assuming your generators are about 30% efficient, which most wind turbines are.)


2. Those calculations are EXTREMELY generous. Are you going to get an average 5m/s wind at ground level? no. In most US cities it's less than 4m/s at 10m high. Are you going to be as efficient as regular wind turbines, which have spent decades optimizing for efficiency? Also no.

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3. "The only challenge would be to get the weight ratio right, so to make it lighter, Doucet envisions a framework made of aluminum, which can then be clad with any lightweight material." uhhhh that's the "ONLY" Challenge? Not the economics of building/buying all the parts and actually building the thing while still making it a reasonable purchase for anyone?

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