Most of what people call “software development” is just reimplementing ideas that other people had a decade ago.

I'm sure there's a reasonable explanation for why my mouse driver wants to record my computer's screen.

This from the company that claims to have quantum supremacy.

strong feelings on the opening question of this survey

war related joke 

The other two are punctuality and attention to detail

Mini-ITX boards are cute and deserve attention, thank you.

Dang I hate it when houses I like sell for [triple checks screenshot] $843M over asking.


siri, show me the worst possible headline encapsulating the events of the last 48 hours

i regret to inform you that the capitalism lover has logged on

definitely one of the weirdest things about the website i have to use for my circuit analysis homework is the (autogenerated?) tooltips for the circuit diagrams. I'd guess this is an accessibility thing, but man, wow.

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