Science was so much easier in the 17th/18th century cause you could just infer that your equations were correct and then if they really were, people in the future would lionize you.

The two books I’m reading right now are uhhhh different.

MBP is just an MBA with a slightly bigger battery and brighter screen. iPad Pro w/keyboard is heavier than an MBA and has only one port, but runs iOS. Ok? How does anyone decide.

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Apple’s portable product line is so inscrutable right now. Have $1500 and need to decide between a MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or iPad Pro? Good luck! They all perform the same, but have weirdly overlapping trade-offs. Tesla has many faults but the idea that they not doing enough to ensure a driver is present in the driver's seat is a bit of a stretch, no? How many other automakers would fail similar tests? This is like faulting them for having a car that doesn't drive good underwater. Like, no shit?

I live on a busy-ish street and work in the front room of my house and sometimes people will park in front of my house and make phone calls, bluetooth'ed into their car speakers. The result of this is that occasionally I just hear the ringing tone (you know the one) totally ambient-ly, without the usual physical or visual context, and I feel as though my brain is falling apart.

Honestly it’s wild that Apple keeps making the iMac, a desktop computer, thinner. Why guys. Why.

ok one more. this one is funny because it's from a movie made from a still from a movie. so it's EXTRA weird.

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that myhertigate deep nostalgia tool works on like, any photo with faces, so here's a few good ones

February, time to listen to Beach House and get worried

Dogecoin having a market cap greater than Litecoin (on which it's based) is like if a caricature drawing of the Mona Lisa was suddenly more valuable than the real Mona Lisa itself.

I admit that "bad stocks are good now" is a natural extension of 2020-style magical thinking that I did not previously consider

So after 13 months BlueSky has produced a 61-page homework report and has no project manager? But 40-50 active Twitter employees working on it? Ok.

exams are over, time to listen to the wham Christmas song on repeat for 3 weeks

"pause your video and give this exercise a try"
I'd rather be shot with a gun

EE is cool because I thought this graph was a rendering error at first, but no it's real 😅

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