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I also watched Ad Astra. It was toooooo looooonggggg. Not recommended.

Finished The Sixth Extinction. It was super interesting, depressing, but also at peace with itself and our collective assured doom. Recommended.

I watched The Lighthouse (2019) last night, and I gotta say – what the fuck was that? I loved it.


let us not forget the true villain: the american electoral system that pits mostly like-minded people against each other in a way that turns off everyone but the most hardcore ideologues


More like Stupid Tuesday


I was feeling bad about missing so much great new TV but now I’m looking forward to having something to do when we’re all being quarantined for weeks

I sneezed and Hey Siri triggered. The future is now.


The Iowa voting app scandal seems like an overall net win? Anything that drives election administrators away from tech (as this has) is good in my books.


Wow they skipped straight to step three. It’s always worse that you think

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From now on whenever I hear people talking about “AR” I’m just going to assume they mean Antiques Roadshow

If you’re wondering what to do with that 1400 XLM in your keybase wallet: you can send it to bitpay and use it to buy gift cards from PlayStation, amazon, etc etc. It’s currently worth $85, so not bad for free.

strong feelings on the opening question of this survey


Quick preview of the weeks news:
- Bolton testifies, dems claim “smoking gun”
- Republicans demand “proof”, there is none
- Republicans vote for acquittal

hope I’m wrong but everything leading up to now suggests this is basically how it will go down.

watching ratatouille in honor of the chinese new year


The impeachment trial might be the thing that makes me stop paying attention to the news completely. The constant, XL-font, breathless coverage of what is an entirely foregone conclusion is really bumming me out.

happy to share that it's the time of year when i listen to nothing except broken social scene records for a few weeks

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