I admit that "bad stocks are good now" is a natural extension of 2020-style magical thinking that I did not previously consider

So after 13 months BlueSky has produced a 61-page homework report and has no project manager? But 40-50 active Twitter employees working on it? Ok.

exams are over, time to listen to the wham Christmas song on repeat for 3 weeks

"pause your video and give this exercise a try"
I'd rather be shot with a gun

EE is cool because I thought this graph was a rendering error at first, but no it's real 😅

Also, no one seems to be talking about this, but I think it's interesting they transitioned all the non-GPU-using Macs in one fell swoop. Waiting for the next SoC rev ("M1X" or maybe "P1") to put in the more powerful machines to establish a new tick-tock year-over-year pattern, perhaps.

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Apple's new M1 SoC looks sweet but I'll be super interested to see how they differentiate performance in the MBA vs the MBP. I assume they're just running it at a higher clock thanks to the higher TDP, but I wonder how much higher.

Love it when a professor tries to empathize with student stress by providing a "mental health day" with no class, but then assigning a paper about what we did on our "mental health day" to be due the following class.

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