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“Male infants walk earlier, but do so after greater motor encouragement; female infants talk earlier, but are usually spoken to more. Men tend to outperform women on ‘mental rotation’ tasks, that is, when visualising the way an object would appear from a different vantage point. But the difference isn’t observed in young children and is more reliably correlated with time spent playing computer games: it’s less a question of neuroanatomy than of who has a Nintendo”

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If you want to do something terrible with technology, you can't just roll it out on people with money and social capital. They'll complain and your idea will tank. Successful shitty tech rollouts start with people you can abuse with impunity (prisoners, kids, migrants, etc) and then work their way up the privilege gradient. I call it the Shitty Technology Adoption Curve.


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Keine Lust auf das Tracking der Tagesschau-App? Für Android gibt es in F-Droid die Alternative Hamburger. Ohne #Tracking und ohne Verbindungen zu #Datenkraken. 👇


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Hillel investigates why tech interviews

a) started asking questions about linked lists
b) never stopped

and dug up a bunch of nice historical context. Complete with research method narration, very good read! hillelwayne.com/post/linked-li

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macht nachdenklich:

nach Twitter (Vogel/Ente)
und Mastodon (Elefant)
benötigt es noch ein mausiges Netzwerk zur Vervollständigung des Kult-Trios aus der Sendung mit der Maus!

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I'm happy to see this article about more departments considering #ungrading approaches more broadly! I have been #ungrading since the pandemic started, using narrative self-assessments instead. Assigning people ranked numbers doesn't help them learn. Grading is often based on racist ideas like the bell curve. kqed.org/news/11912248/univers

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Klingon Marie Kondo asks 'does it bring honor to your house?'

Eben festgestellt, dass @hanneswittmer schon vor 2 Jahren einen "Drosten-Song" veröffentlicht hatte: youtu.be/ooJ3KjOW8Bc?t=97 (haha)


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