Hi! I'm making Tusk, a rather nice Mastodon client for iOS. If you want to test, sign up at 😁

@bigzaphod Thanks! Also, I'm now feeling an interesting mix of pride with just a dash of

@thomasfuchs @pcperini That's weird but it's a server-side error related to too many requests from the same IP or user hitting the server (rate limiting)

@Gargron @thomasfuchs The app definitely tries to load a decent amount of state at once. Might walk that back in a subsequent build.

@zichy This feature is 100% my darling. I love it so much.

@pcperini Very neat! Once it has font size settings and a dark theme, I'll switch to it exclusively.

Amazing work so far

Also, re iPad layout: I know all apps do it the way to stretch the columns, but I feel like it would be nicer to have at least two side by side, like Timeline and Notifications. It would make better use of the iPad as opposed to just stretched/bigger iPhone + emulate the Mastodon web interface a bit more?

What do you think?

@MatejLach I think you’re spot on. Dark mode is likely coming, as is a more thoughtful iPad experience, almost definitely based on multi-column.

@pcperini Tusk is the name I thought of using for a Mastodon client, bravo! 👏🏼

@pcperini The design is nice and clean. glad to test it out!

@pcperini I’m guessing it’s called Tusk because Mastodons had tusks, but I’m hoping Fleetwood Mac had something to do with it too.

@pcperini just downloaded the Beta. Is it going to be a white interface app, or is a dark theme a planned feature?

@jibust Dark mode is in the cloud of possible features, and a pretty popular one!

@pcperini got it. Thanks for the response. Nice looking app, I know you just started, so I know a few features are missing.

@ameya1 The latest build should help you out! Let me know if you run into any more problems :)

@pcperini unfortunately hasn’t worked out, I still have the same issue on two different devices

@pcperini getting a "software caused connection abort" error on iOS 12b12 (iphone 6s)

@pcperini My first impression is that it looks and feels fantastic. It is now my primary Mastodon client.

@pcperini Please please please iPad support! Nothing too complex, just a split view controller should do 😊

@pcperini is this a native iOS client? I’m wondering about the weird layout, which might be because I am using it on a 12.9” iPad. Also, does auth always need to go,out of the app to a browser? That is very disconcerting. A webview is also not a great experience, but less jarring.

Just a few thoughts after a few minutes of using.

Good luck with this. A good client is much needed.

@woolie It is! Layout hasn't been addressed properly for iPad yet though. And I've gotten quite a few requests for the in-app auth (though, it does have to be web view based) so I'm definitely considered it!

@pcperini I wonder why it has to be a web view? Such a user hostile requirement.


I always imagined that the #iOS client for #Mastodon would be called Tuski...

@termoyer Yikes, that looks nasty! Was it working before? Were you able to resolve this?

@pcperini it wasn’t working. At first was infinite load and after updating the latest version it said that. And it continues to.

@pcperini it’s still unusable for me due to this error (Status Version 1.0.0 Beta)

@pcperini I’ve got it working for the moment. By reinstalling just now.

@pcperini Signed up for an invite. How long does it usually take until I receive the mail? After 20min still nothing. Do I have to worry?

@funkenstrahlen Odd! Unfortunately it might be a TestFlight bug. I've had a few people unable to receive invites. Have you checked the TestFlight app?

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