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Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but you need to
know how silly you look if you post some variation of,
“Welcome to Socialism..."

You are not seeing Socialism. What you are seeing is one of
the wealthiest, geographically advantaged, productive
capitalist societies in the world flounder and fail at its most
basic test, Taking care of its people.

This crisis is not about the virus.

This crisis is about the massive failure of our, "Booming
economy," to survive even modest challenges. It is about the
market dissonance of shortages in stores, even as
farmers/producers destroy unused crops and products. This
crisis is about huge corporations needing an emergency
bailout within days of the longest Bull Market in our history
ending and despite the ability to borrow with zero percent
interest rates.

This crisis is about corporatized healthcare systems being
unable and ill equipped to provide basic healthcare, at the
same time they post record profits. It is about crisis
response depending on antiquated systems nobody
remembers how to operate.

But most of all, this crisis is a direct result of the
politicization of every aspect of our society for the benefit of
a privileged few. The vilification of education, science,
media, natural rights, rural lifestyles, urban lifestyles, charity,
compassion, and virtually everything else for brief political
gain has gutted our society.

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