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Hi all we are a mutual aid network in Portland, Oregon that has been organized to provide mutual aid during the Covid-19 pandemic.

We are partnered with:
Glitter Squadron
Montavilla Emergency Warming Shelter
Oregon Food Bank
Portland Assembly
Portland Fruit Tree Project
Portland Street Medicine
Rosehip Medic Collective
St Johns Food Share
Street Roots

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We are prioritizing folks who are sick, unhoused, disabled, quarantined without pay, elderly, undocumented, queer, refugees and immigrants, Black, Indigenous, People of Color, trans, and queer, including those displaced from Portland to the nearby areas.

You can request assistance here:

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If they tell us to risk our lives for their pockets we refuse. Their sacred cow of a line going up and to the right is not worth a single loss in our community. We take care of each other.

Under the Stay at Home order providing food is still allowed and we will continue to operate while following social distancing best practices


what are your favorite spices to stock up on? We like cumin, turmeric, ground ginger, cardamom, gochugaru

Multnomah County Library cards are now available online! Their digital offerings include audiobooks, ebooks, comics, movies, tv shows, and more. They are a great way to treat yourself to some good entertainment and other media

sometimes your mutual aid social media lady forgets to drink water. remember to drink water comrades 🚰

See how COVID19 will hit your state (USA only) 

This model is intended to help make fast decisions, not predict the future

Click the map to see projections for your state.

Donations can now be dropped off
between 11am and 2pm Monday - Friday
1435 NE 81st Ave, Suite 100

This is a very good, simple piece that I think about in times of crisis, and it keeps me grounded. We know this is the reality. We are going to make it through this, & when this is over, we work to make sure it never happens again. That's the work. It doesn't end.

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Covid-19, Mutual aid network for Douglas County, OR 

A new FB group that was started yesterday. As far as I can see there is not a main form to fill out for volunteers/people seeking help, but I am going to suggest it to the admin and offer my help as soon as my join request is approved.

@pdxcovid19mutualaid Open offer to help students on here with their homework/tutoring! I'm an instructional assistant at a public high school and will be working far less than usual due to closures. I've been in just about every class — English, Biology, Social Studies, Health, four levels of math... I'm very happy to read materials aloud, and help rephrase things or break them down.

I also have experience with and resources for Latin, permaculture/agroecology, cooking, and duck husbandry!

With it becoming more and more likely that many kids will be out of school for the rest of the year it's time to start thinking about online free school classes. What class could you teach online to community kiddos?

Tomorrow, March 18, food box deliveries will be rolling out in Portland central.
Please sign up if you need food.

It sounds like the moratorium on evictions has 3 gotchas you should be aware of:

* It only applies if you can show "documentation or other objectively verifiable means" that you lost income due to the pandemic
* You MUST notify your landlord before the rent is due that you can't pay due to loss of income resulting from the pandemic
* You MUST repay within 6 months of the Portland state of emergency being lifted

If anyone has any questions about available networks and resources in Portland feel free to reach out. ❤️

We are accepting donations at the Q Center
Supplies Taken:
Non-perishable food (Not expired)
Gatorade and other drinks containing electrolytes (Not expired)
Hand sanitizer
Spray Bottles (clean & empty)
Menstrual/Hygiene Products

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