@pdxmph Better than IFTTT? That seems like the straightforward way to go.

@edheil yeah, seems like it would be. Do you have a Mac app you’d recommend? Impressed with the website, but whatever the Tweetbot of the Mastodon world is might be cool.

@pdxmph I am on my ipad in almost all my non-work computing, so I don’t have a Mac app. On iOS I use Tootdon, which is pretty nice. (There was a slight kerfuffle about it a week or two ago, based on some misunderstandings, but it’s good).

@pdxmph (being on my ipad almost all the time, and thinking that I’m too cool for wordpress, is why I haven’t gone and started a new blog yet like I’ve wanted to. Requires a little more acrobatics to do the static site generator thing remotely from iOS, and it’s been enough friction to stop me)

@edheil oh, man ... I rigged up my iPad to manage a Middleman site. AMA.

@pdxmph It’s not even the plumbing... I actually have edheil.com run out of a git repo. When I push to dreamhost, a post-receive hook (my very first post-receive hook!) rsyncs the contents of a site/ subdirectory to the webroot. It’s slick. I imagine I could do the same with hugo or whatnot. But, like, hugo is super unopinionated about the structure of your site, so I get choice paralysis trying to set it up. Also....

@pdxmph I found that though Hugo is super simple, it just pushes a ton of complexity into the code of a theme. Making your own is hard as balls. So you’re at the mercy of off-the-shelf themes, at which point why aren’t you just using Wordpress, you know?

The little I know about Middleman it sounds similar (super unopinionated)

@edheil yeah. It is. Very simple to make a dumb blog, esp if you toss in Bootstrap. It supports HAML for templating, with the content blocks coming from Jekyll-like “YAML frontmatter”-style pages. Add a commit hook to your repo & point it at a little script and you’ve got automated build/deploy.

@pdxmph@mastodon.sociaI have two different things I’d like to create — a blog, to replace facebook posting of random shit, and an art xsite, to replace the one I obliterated because I decided I sucked and so did my art site. I was thinking at first I’d try to do both with one uber-site with Hugo but I just got frustrated with it. I think it would probably be better done in separate pieces.

@pdxmph Have you tried any of the other big static generators, to compare? (Pelican, Jekyll, Hugo, a bunch of javascript shit you couldn’t pay me to care about) (because my current job gives me the luxury of not giving a shit about it) What’s groovy about Middleman?

@edheil I’ve had to use Jekyll for work. It uses Liquid for templating, and that’s no fun. Middleman is just very simple if you’ve lived in the Ruby/Rails ecosystem. Also fond of its use of LiveReload when working on templates. I’ll invite you to the repo for my Things site. You’ll grok it within 10 minutes.

@pdxmph From the nature of Middleman it sounds like it actually might be a good way to manage an uber-site with blog component and art component etc, if I did want to go that way...

@edheil Yeah. Definitely. I mean:


That has two content types (reviews and blog posts) and the front page is a gallery-style design I put together on my own.

With YAML frontmatter on each, it's also easy to create a metadata schema, such that a review marked "incomplete" in the frontmatter renders with different content from one marked "complete," etc. Also really simple to build a changelog feature.

Added your GitHub account to the repo so you can poke around.

@pdxmph That's cool. You can do that kind of thing (multiple content types) in hugo too, I just found the actual implementation thereof frustrating. BTW, I'm ejheil not edheil @github. I don't remember why I've got two.

@pdxmph yikes, my edheil account at github was linked to my Fus. work email, I could have lost control of that! It's my old original account too. Went & changed the email.

@edheil Ah .. okay. Issued a new invite and killed the old one.

@pdxmph not grokking it fully yet but from reading the docs, the middleman people sure seem to have their shit together.

@edheil @pdxmph “a slight kerfuffle based on some misunderstandings.”

Just another bad LARP encounter at the old Super 8 on the edge of town.

@pdxmph :) it was an “oh noes proprietary software” situation. There are a lot of Mastodonians who will give you flashbacks to the late 90s, early 2000s. There’s a whole crop of millennial free software zealots who grew up in our wake.

@edheil I guess I joined Puppet after they tore the Bandaid off with the Apache license, so the biggest free software headache I’ve had this year or last was getting help keeping our CLA bot running so legal’s head doesn’t explode.

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