@pdxmph hey, playing with haml, which I've never really used. The docs aren't telling me how to (e.g.) use <em>phasis</em> without breaking out the emphasized word into its own line. Is that not supposed to be possible?

@edheil yeeeah ... it’s best to think of haml as stopping at the block level because it does not want you to do inline elements. If I start getting into a lot of inline elements, I take advantage of Markdown blocks.

@edheil if you look at the docs source for my priorities app (linked at priorities.puddingbowl.org) you’ll see how a page of prose in mixed HAML/Markdown works.

@pdxmph my god, there’s HTML inside that Markdown which is inside that haml

@edheil ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t know what happened there.

@pdxmph I was going to respond to that markdown-inside-haml by saying “why do you hate HTML so much” but then there was the html. :) I have to admit it all looks really nice and clean.

There are a very few moto-commutes where there's a confluence of fast traffic and this track coming up in the shuffle, but I'm always grateful when it happens, as it did this morning.


They were in a pretty nice zone of speed/skill/polish when they did this whole album.

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