"Senator 2: (With a triumphant look) Every computer screen contains millions of megapixels. Facebook has 2.1 billion users. So how many millions of bytes, or milibytes, do you include in this face book?"


At some point in my time in the military that would serve the hypothetical tyrant all the 2A absolutists are arming themselves against, I came to think of them more as weird, beardy cosplayers with unrealistic expectations about how their armed rebellion would go down. And now we have Predator drones, so it goes double.

IOW, Vermont++


@nfagerlund I seem to recall driving you to distraction with the same activity and the same pen, once. 🖊*squeakysqueakysqueaky*😬😬😬*squeakysqueakysqueaky*🖊

I feel like I can finally put that burden down after all these years.

There are a very few moto-commutes where there's a confluence of fast traffic and this track coming up in the shuffle, but I'm always grateful when it happens, as it did this morning.


They were in a pretty nice zone of speed/skill/polish when they did this whole album.

@edheil ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I don’t know what happened there.

@edheil if you look at the docs source for my priorities app (linked at priorities.puddingbowl.org) you’ll see how a page of prose in mixed HAML/Markdown works.

@edheil yeeeah ... it’s best to think of haml as stopping at the block level because it does not want you to do inline elements. If I start getting into a lot of inline elements, I take advantage of Markdown blocks.

@edheil Ah .. okay. Issued a new invite and killed the old one.

@edheil Yeah. Definitely. I mean:


That has two content types (reviews and blog posts) and the front page is a gallery-style design I put together on my own.

With YAML frontmatter on each, it's also easy to create a metadata schema, such that a review marked "incomplete" in the frontmatter renders with different content from one marked "complete," etc. Also really simple to build a changelog feature.

Added your GitHub account to the repo so you can poke around.

@edheil I’ve had to use Jekyll for work. It uses Liquid for templating, and that’s no fun. Middleman is just very simple if you’ve lived in the Ruby/Rails ecosystem. Also fond of its use of LiveReload when working on templates. I’ll invite you to the repo for my Things site. You’ll grok it within 10 minutes.

@edheil I guess I joined Puppet after they tore the Bandaid off with the Apache license, so the biggest free software headache I’ve had this year or last was getting help keeping our CLA bot running so legal’s head doesn’t explode.

@edheil yeah. It is. Very simple to make a dumb blog, esp if you toss in Bootstrap. It supports HAML for templating, with the content blocks coming from Jekyll-like “YAML frontmatter”-style pages. Add a commit hook to your repo & point it at a little script and you’ve got automated build/deploy.

@edheil oh, man ... I rigged up my iPad to manage a Middleman site. AMA.

@edheil @pdxmph “a slight kerfuffle based on some misunderstandings.”

Just another bad LARP encounter at the old Super 8 on the edge of town.

@edheil yeah, seems like it would be. Do you have a Mac app you’d recommend? Impressed with the website, but whatever the Tweetbot of the Mastodon world is might be cool.

@edheil Yeah, not really by design. I just found a tutorial and did what it told me. :-)

So, is there a better option?

Sync your Mastodon back to Twitter – Tim Perry – Medium


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