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sam but i draw him w/o colour reference
also sam w eyeshadow is 👌👌👌

i am assuming i should actually be using the mastoart tag w my art. so. :P

u ever wish u werent such a dumbass soft bitchass who cries @ everything

gotta love those sudden headaches that make ur vision blurry woooo

i suffer from chronic sleepy bitch disease donate to my gofundme to help me get a good nights rest

pewdiepie stans have no rights. pewdiepie stans are NOT protected under the constitution. if you are a pewdiepie stan i WILL find you and then you will be sorry buster. unfollow me right fucking now if you are a pewdiepie stan, have ever been a pewdiepie stan, or ever will be a pewdiepie stan. this is not a joke. please leave.

accidentally clicking the favourite button when u meant to click the "..." button is very not ideal

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