To sum up how I spent my time coding 1 year ago vs. what I do today:

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Film Frown show notes done for an episode about OK Connery, or Operation Kid Brother with @peakwinter.

The last few minutes of the podcast, when we celebrate that we no longer have to talk about it are the best. Wow, that's probably the worst film I've seen since we started the podcast.

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Happy Holidays from Film Frown! Everyone gets "BLANKETS!"

Thanks to @peakwinter and @sean for joining us on this episode where we discussed Our Man Flint and a much better Apple Watch.

@sikkdays @deadsuperhero haha! You caught me at a bad time, I’m migrating to Kubernetes and I haven’t figured it all out yet 😂 will be fixed by weekend!

self-care suggestion - news meta 

@laze @sikkdays @gdorn Thanks for the nice words! Feel free to let me know if I can make any improvements 😇

@arturovm honestly though, k8s is eating the world and if I were to do it all again I would probably just go with that, despite the fact that it’s hard for my tiny human brain to understand

@arturovm it’s on my list to try but requires I redo everything so I haven’t taken the jump yet ;) I am using Consul however for shared config management which is cool

@arturovm I really like Docker Swarm, it’s certainly less capable than k8s but much easier to get started with and run in a lightweight way. Yes you need to build the data persistence part manually, such as with mounting volumes over NFS, or (as I do for my setup) a Ceph cluster

@arturovm I’ll likely be working on an Ansible setup to deploy something like this soon

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