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If you want a place where everyone is forced to deal with your shitty opinions, try Twitter

Weird that some people haven't grokked that taking data, rules and moderation into ones own hands is the whole point of a decentralized communication system

Do I have any Python (Flask) or JS (Ember) dev friends looking for a potential short-term freelance contract? We're looking for a second. HMU :)

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So, a dear friend of mine who makes amazing music is in a rough spot, financially. You should totally buy her music to help. And because her music is awesome.


Awesome, slightly NSFW music video:

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I'm extremely proud of and grateful for the Black women and men responsible for gay liberation 🏳️‍🌈

Changes to US tech law make protecting your users more difficult. So what’s a developer to do?

Bullying is driving LGBTQ people out of tech, according to new study

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"Ruin a first date in four words!"

"It's actually GNU/Linux."
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