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This is a legitimate question I'm struggling with. My [insert family member here] voted for him and there's a significant chance that that will help lead to some of my rights being taken away. How am I supposed to deal with that family member with any semblance of love or respect now? I just don't understand...

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How does you avoid holding your close family members personally responsible for You-know-who? When they voted for him, and he goes and does things that are a direct attack on who you are as a person:

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I still think people are being very alarmist at the moment. Got to be first to a story, but it is disappointing that the LGBT page is missing from now.

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ppl who arent programmers talk about how you need to be good at math to be a programmer but im a fuckin idiot and i can make computer do whatever i want.

here's what you need to know to be a good programmer:

- addition
- subtraction
- multiplication
- division
- something called "modulus"
- fucking nothing else because its a computer it does shit for you

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*makes whatever noise a Mastodon is supposed to make*


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