offering to paint my dealer’s nails bc she’s having a bad day💅

i was such a beautiful myopic stick bug of a child.. what went wrong

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miss this site. idk if anyone who used to follow me is still here lol

ed shitpost /// 

and for my next trick, i will be crying over the concept of lunch

tw major life changes, eating disorder, v personal 

(but i am happier now, for what it’s worth. i’m trying to get better, it’s just a long road.)

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tw major life changes, eating disorder, v personal 

all in all, i lost a very long relationship and 74lbs. i still struggle to eat normally because of how this behavior changes your brain. my boyfriend tries to help but it’s hard. i’m terrified to gain weight now because of.. things my ex did.

tl;dr: got depressed, left a relationship & gave myself an eating disorder on accident then moved across the country. and scene.

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tw major life changes, eating disorder, v personal 

i was eating 800 or less calories a day, but i didn’t realize it. i just. wasn’t hungry. i was too depressed.

i reconnected with an old friend due to the death of my other friend, and we kind of hit it off in a romantic way. he lived in texas. everything was scary and i didn’t know what to do.

it hurt, but i left my ex and flew to texas to see my.. friend. we’re together now, and i live in texas.

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tw major life changes, eating disorder, v personal 

if anyone was curious and wanted to know what happened.. here’s the short of it: i left my fiancé of five years for a lot of reasons. i didn’t love him anymore and there were certain.. kinks of his i found out about and was uncomfy with.

it tore me apart. i hated myself. just before i realized i had to leave, i found out my friend died. that, paired with the kink that made me hate myself.. i just stopped eating.

*sniffles like a baby in 42degree weather because i can’t regulate my body temperature*

what instances is everyone on now? catch me up, i’ve been gone

i feel bad because i’m supposed to be helping haul wood but i’m so cold lol i can’t maintain my body heat

@peculiar_perryble doc comes in with star charts: Are...are ya sure you don't want to wait on this? We'll be under a different sign're sure? I get that you're in labor right now...yeah okay you're right. I'm sorry it had to be this way.

food talk, dumb opinion 

my (incredible wrong) take on “carmel vs caramel:”

CARMEL is less sturdy and can’t stand on its own at room temp. this is like sauces and the carmel that’s in candy bars

CARAMEL is solid at room temperature, like the kind of candies grandmas make or you can buy at a candy shop.

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