anyway now i’m done afterdark posting so let’s get back into the shitpost grind

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birdsite doesn’t appreciate DS9 as much as masto and honestly? it shows

“but they deserve to go out in public safely”

no they do not, Karen, they want people to die

imagine being outraged over a milkshake when your policies and ideals literally kill people lmao

"but if the Nazis and Fascists don't feel safe out on the streets, aren't you just as bad as them?"

No, because we are protecting the people they want to kill. And with that in perspective, a milkshake to the face is a mild action.

eat the rich, they taste good dipped in milkshake 😈

to be clear, i think she’s a reprehensible person and a well-written “bad guy.”

but i also understand how frustrating and distraught she must’ve been to get radio silence after making a mistake she didn’t fully understand.

i really don’t blame Winn Adami for turning to the devil. was she a good person, even a good Vedek? no. but did she dedicate her life to doing what she thought they wanted? yeah, she did, and the Prophets ghosted her after she was tricked.

*talking about Kai Winn from DS9*

“i mean i don’t blame her for going all hail-Satan about it; just for everything else she does.”

quantum throat-punchers online, all power to weapons array

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