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"Slack is Building a Clubhouse-like Feature" is the most race-to-the-bottom headline I've seen in a while.

We've got an amazing opportunity to lead our technical projects team. Join EFF and use your career to make the Internet of tomorrow more free, private, and resistant to censorship.

"Surveillance isnโ€™t normalโ€“itโ€™s spying. Schools that use these technologies to track and monitor students are violating their privacy"

"Privacy for Students | Surveillance Self-Defense" by @eff

Schools are using surveillance technology to spy on students at school, at home, and even on social media. EFF has created a Surveillance Self-Defense guide on how students are being surveilled, and tips for fighting back.

I'm #hiring again!

Do you care about developer productivity? Do you want to help people make better software more easily and (hopefully) more quickly? That's what we're doing in the Release Engineering team at WMF.

I'm looking for candidates with wide varieties of backgrounds. The most important quality you possess is the ability to learn and a deep desire to make things better.

Join my team as a Software Engineer!

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Hi folks! My employer, the Freedom of the Press Foundation, looking for an Associate Site Reliability Engineer, which is a fancy-ish way to say "keep websites running and automate all the things" :)

- Open to junior/entry-level
- Open to remote work in American time zones
- Mentoring included
- You get paid to help protect freedoms that are under imminent threat.

Great role if you're looking to start a career in infrastructure work with mission focus. Questions? DM! :)

I'm #hiring for a Senior Engineer to join an awesome team of Release Engineers here at #Wikimedia:

#remote friendly #job working on #opensource #floss making software better

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Poll following recent discussions about DM privacy on Mastodon: Should the Mastodon webapp compose screen warn that DMs are stored on the server (accessible by admins)?

So here's something I've been very, very bad at self-promoting:

Fractive is my open-source tool for writing hypertext games using Markdown!

It's a little bit like Twine, but for people who'd rather just write straight-ahead instead of fussing with the node graph.

Hey, this is pretty cool! A graphic of the moon that gives some clues on just how all those craters got there...

The main challenge on Mastodon so far is to discover communities (e.g. cinephiles).


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