Hey all!I am researching on the topic of federation and more focused on Mastodon. I would really appreciate if you could answer to this question:
— What made you move to Mastodon?
Thank you so much for all the help you can give me, love, Pedro

@pedrosaclout To put it in a few words: while I find Twitter giving me better UX and wider influence I'm was more concerned with using centralized data-mining for-profity company with roots in USA. That's why I've switched to something non-profit which adheres to FLOSS principles.

@pedrosaclout I chuckled when I read what you wrote, in an email/letter style (closing and signature). 🙂

I haven't moved to Mastodon. It is just another platform I looked at from its infancy, and chose to create an account. I still very much prefer Twitter.

@pedrosaclout if you speak spanish, there are a great spanish comunity.
They are some crazy, but they aren't dangerous

@XanaAsturiana I am actually portuguese, but thank you for your care! Would you recommend me any instance?

@pedrosaclout i don't know others instances. Quey has great emoji. The admi. of Social is the CREATOR of Mastodon and there are a lot of people.
The instance is not very important because all are federated

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