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I heard the funniest time travel joke tomorrow.

I always carry a picture of my wife and children in my wallet.

It reminds me why there’s no money in there.

Did you hear about the bloke that passed away after taking 100 Viagra tablets?

They couldn't close his coffin.

A German walks into a bar and orders a Martini.
The bartender asks, "Dry?"
The German responds, "Nein, just one."

I hate two types of people:

1) People who find a way of putting animals into words when they aren't actually there.

2) Hippocrites.

Just told my joke about Peter Pan again.

Never gets old.

I can see three years into the future.

I must have 2020 vision.

People think I'm weird because I swallowed an Abacus.

It's what's inside that counts.

I like my tea strong but not bitter, so I use more but brew/steep for less time. My current cup-of-joy has Twining’s English Afternoon; Yorkshire Gold & ALDI Earl Grey in equal proportions, with a touch of honey & a dash of evaporated milk.

I’m of (amongst other nationalities) Scottish extraction. It’s been said the Scots are overly fond of deep-frying food. Suffice to say, TIL that already simmered potato gnocchi dumplings are delicious when reheated via deep-frying.

Take a somewhat watery & overly sweet iced coffee soy drink (weak coffee at that) and add 150 ml of evaporated milk plus four teaspoons of thick espresso concentrate. End result is strong coffee flavour & less watery.

I twisted awkwardly without the ankle brace and regretted it immediately. The leg just above the ankle joint became very sore indeed, but it seems a bit better than before: it can bear weight. So I’m back to using the damned brace.

Tried walking without the ankle brace. Very bad move. I upset something by twisting around while standing & the section of leg above the ankle joint became painful andifficult to walk on. Back with the brace, it supports & resists twisting

The local ALDI store has a tiffin box on sale at present. It consists of three shallow wide-mouth stainless steel vacuum cans that clip together vertically and keep food hot or cold for several hours.

A simple evening meal: steamed prawn & vegetable gyoza dumplings, with a dash of intense mushroom soy sauce.

GP’s diagnosis of continuing gout in my ankle was a hands-on process. It was noticeably warmer to the touch than other parts of the foot.

Today’s extra medication for the ankle wasn’t expensive, around 44 cents for the 5 tablets.

Frozen custard is food, right‽ I’m supposed to take these Prednisolone tablets with food.

Cat is indulging in her leather fetish again. Rolling around & over the shoes I’ve just removed & also head-butting them.

And now, screaming agony from the osteoarthritis in my left knee. Perhaps the Prednisolone prescribed for the ankle got will help.