Pissed off with the GPs at the clinic I attend (except for the new bloke who’s been around a bit). Worked in South Africa & New Zealand with indegenous people and trained in Ireland. He’s run gout clinics in SA & NZ.

He’s the one who told me that since mid 2017 I have had slightly-impaired kidney function. I had further tests done yesterday, following my acute Kidney disease episofe of four weeks ago.

The other bastards have known but not bothered to tell me.

Knock Knock

Who's there?


Muffikin who?

Muffikin fingers are trapped in the door.

It was the happiest day of my life. Arrived at church. Husband waiting at altar.

Walked up the aisle. Kissed him on the cheek, smiled and closed the fucking lid.

If you're feeling a little down and insecure, why not illegally park in a disabled parking space?

The world and his wife will rush over and tell you that there is nothing wrong with you!

Stormy thought “Oh, what a treat!
I like a guy who’s big on meat!”
Unfortunately she discovered,
Donald was a mushroom lover.

I experienced acute renal failure last week. If left untreated even a day longer, I could have faced death or permanent renal failure resulting in the need for dialysis & transplant.

Rapid replacement of fluid via IV restored my low blood pressure, which rebooted the kidneys into full production.

I recovered in under 24 hours. This was the best possible scenario.

OK, Apple. Was there any logical reason to scramble the positions of the time/date & wifi/cellular icons on the top of the iPad screen in iOS 12?.

I’m not coping well since coming out of hospital. I cry myself to sleep, frustrated by the elbow & knee pain I had before the hospitalisation. I need walking aids (cane or crutch) to stop myself stumbling or tripping up. I’m halfway through the two sets of oral antibiotics & have been sniffling less in the last few hours than before, I guess that’s a plus.

Navdesk app on my Mac said there was a map update available but clicking the download button did nothing. Then I realised the default download location had to be set to something that’s availabe on my Mac.
Download worked, all 513 MB of it.
As soon as the download was done the installation started, It was all done about a minute later.

I was away for a few days. Went to the doctor on Tuesday feeling rather flat & hollow. He packed me off to hospital where they diagnosed low blood pressure & pneumonia. IV fluids (3 litres in 15 hours) fixed the low blkood pressure. Potential kidney damage was averted. Pneumonia responding to IV antibiotics in hospital & now that I’m back home, antibiotics in tablet form.

So a former AppDotNet user has set up a Mastodon instance that’s informally working on an invitation basis. Many of us who enjoyed the ADN community that developed over the almost 5 year span of that experiment have continued on privately maintained networks such as pnut.io & 10Centuries.org with some folk dabbling in ello & Dropon. Wonder what happened to that last one. Appdot.net has been going for about three days & there’s abuot 40 users so far.

@henry Greetings: I have set up an account for app double dot net but am yet to recieve the confirmation email. Are you able to assist?

how did I ever survive trips away from home before the aeropress

How does The Rock urinate?

He Dwaynes his Johnson.

Although he tried his very best,
Donald failed his colouring test.
He simply didn’t have a clue
What should be red and should be blue . . .

The kitchenette in the hall where we have the weekly darts comp has a Nespresso-compatible coffee machine. Local Woolworths supermarket sells homebrand compatible capsules at 37 cents each for a box of 10.

Wanted to buy a $90 Navman at ALDI today, saw it in the latest catalogue. Couldn’t find one at three stores visited. Then realised the catalogue had three sections: current special deals, Wednesday next week deals & Saturday nex week deals. Item ain’t on sale until Saturday.

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