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The capacitor-powered electric screwdriver I posted about earlier has been off the market for many years (mine is 10 years old) but Amazon sells its logical successor:

This is a cordless electric screwdriver that has no battery. Confused? It uses a capacitor instead & takes a mere 90 seconds to charge from dead flat. Sure, it can only handle 50 - 70 screws per charge, but that’s fixed in 90 seconds.

More fun from The Dread Crew of Oddwood: Leviathan.

I love this Dread Crew of Oddwood song, Siren's Song, from their Lawful Evil album.

Chilling out to some Dread Crew of Oddwood music.

Sleep is elusive. Pain from various conditions conspires against me. Soreness in left shin combined with osteoarthritis in the left knee. Lower back pain associated with disc rupture/lumbar stenosis/sciatica. Vehicle accident issues: bruised ribs/pinched shoulder nerve. Dry/raw skin from dermatitis.

Arnica ointment purchased to help treat my car accident bruising is proving quite effective in combatting lower back pain. I may yet sleep tonight.

Feb 16, 1983, cont, the worst part: There were two volunteer-manned fire appliances not far from that creek & they were trapped a little after 7pm when the wind changed direction. I lost a good friend & also a workmate among those who died on those trucks.

Feb 16, 1983 cont. after 3 km we arrived at the main road. Looking north-west of out location we could see a grass fire on a wide frontage roaring up a gully towards us. We made it out OK. Two hours later the fire moved through where we’d been cooling off.

Feb 16, 1983. With a few workmates I was sitting in a shallow creek looking to the west at the reddish sky. There had been big dust storms for the last week or so. But there was something else this day. SMOKE! We piled into our trucks an made off westward.

Make that 23 minutes. Prior to backing up, I run this under Terminal: sudo sysctl debug.lowpri_throttle_enabled=0
This forces Time Machine backups out of being a background operation, removes the system throttling. I know that backup take more preparation following a system update but this is ridiculous.

How about this for an idea, Time Machine? How about doing the fucking backup instead of preparing - which you’ve been doing for the last 14 fucking minutes.

It's backup day for the hard drives I keep at home. The one stored off-site comes home with me on Wednesday & is swapped with today's Time Machine backup.
I interchange Time Machine drives offsite/onsite & keep a clone in a hidden (less obvious) location at home.

Testing the waterproofness or otherwise of a 6th gen iPod Touch case bought recently. I have a dead iPod Touch that was killed by being drowned so it’s not so vital if the test fails.

For; and a couple of dozen other regularly-accessed websites, I use Epichrome app on the Mac. It creates single-site browsers which are treated like apps. A bonus is, being based on Chrome, I have access to things like built-in Google translate only a right-click away.

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Damned hard to find a wallet to hold the many & varied cards I need to carry but I've just bought one on the newly-opened Amazon Australia website. Twelve card slots, two long notes slots, two photo ID flaps & a coin section. I also updated my municipal library card & in doing so, joined a multi-library consortium, which means I can throw out three other cards as the new one covers those libraries and many others in the state.

Fireworks display. Dogs in the neighbourhood going bonkers. Owners were warned over a week ago, so the beasties should be indoors.