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Hey! I've just jumped across to @pelagikat please give me a follow :-)

Gah, nbn problems for @daedalus again. I might create an alt later today if they persist, since this account was acting weird last weekend.

And I love this picture of me presenting a short talk to the community. We're in the CFA shed and I'm standing in front of the CFA uniforms hanging along the wall.

Fieldwork went really well! Got heaps of great input at our Open House event, presented three times, and interviewed a few people. And spent a lot of time at the local brewery.

I haven't gotten a whole lot done today, but we did visit some friends, go to Bunnings, and then I had a nap because I am pretty exhausted after fieldwork this week.

I should probably set up an alt for these *cough*rare situations where nbn outages happen.

Hey everyone. I think the eigenmagic instance is down cos @daedalus 's nbn connection is fried.

Have no idea who follows me on this account, but eigenmagic's been down for the whole evening. Guess @daedalus didn't kick it in the right spot this morning.

Hey! I've just jumped across to @pelagikat please give me a follow :-)

Hey! I've just jumped across to @pelagikat please give me a follow :-)

Worried my cat will learn to take selfies and not need me anymore.

Boost for Bernie 2020.

hollywood should make a horror movie about this website where you get hugged to death by extremely friendly gay communist linux enthusiasts

only one good bird, folks, sorry to break it to you 

The orange vendor at the farmers market seemed confused that we only wanted one orange.

Normally I only get to look at greyhounds from afar and squeal quietly with glee. But today there was one outside our breakfast cafe that I actually got to pat! Today is great!

In other news, I feel slightly like I have a migraine pending, or alternatively I may have mildly poisoned myself from the descaling solution having gone through the wrong part of the coffee machine yesterday. Engaging anti-migraine techniques just in case it's the first one.

Good morning from this crisp and sunny Melbourne morning! Our two felines will be very excited when they finally discover the sun streaming through the windows.

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