answers the question:

What happened with the scene from 90s and the early 00s?"

What happened is the feds became a recruitment arm for the cyber state

2014: "When one of my clients refused to cooperate with the FBI’s demand that he hack a foreign criminal organization at the risk of death for him and his family the DOJ superseded his indictment, skyrocketing it from fifteen to 44 counts, increasing his potential sentence to over 400 years in prison."

You're not better than anyone if you went to college.

You're also not better than anyone if you didn't.

But either way, all of us are better than cops and landlords.

For a moment... just a moment... I said to myself "Build That Wall Mr. Prezident!".

Fuck AmeriKKKa's "Service Members" AND their "quality of life". Nasty genocidal mercenaries. The facts are out there schmucks. NO excuses!

/ / dews n' donots... from the bygone daze of yesturyearz when netiquettte waz a 'thing'.

Paul Wolf reports has partially escaped justice:

"Terrible news today in the Chiquita case. After 12 years of litigation, the court found that there wasn't enough admissible evidence for the dozen test cases to survive summary judgment. The plaintiffs' evidence that the AUC paramilitaries killed the victims all failed for various reasons, as you can read below. It's not the end of the case. Some plaintiffs have different evidence...

More at Paul's FB page:

The Juice Media with a few poignant pertinent words about ... Because they're not America's Bitch.😎 However, The United Bitches of America Department of Propaganda Seal of Approval has been issued for the following infomercial.

Active resistance! However it failed. The "Fuse" fell off.

"Molotov cocktail thrown into US Citizenship and Immigration office | US news | The Guardian

Protip: It's not like the movies. You dont put the rag in the bottle neck!

(ps. Have a look at Internet Archive's many copies of the Special Forces Improvised Munitions Handbook for instructions how to build Self-Igniting models that require no flame at all.😎)

Pass-along from Pepe Escobar on Facebook

The Bolivian fires that president is on the front line fighting also appear to have been set by US-backed oligarch interests. 👉"The U.S. Footprint in ’s Incipient Colour Revolution – INTERNATIONALIST 360°"

Just in: "The 75 River Do It Yourself Occupation Guide" at Internet Archive

A DIY guide to political , incl. building entry/squat defense.

"The 75 River Street occupation ... lasted four days and three nights. On the first day the police were successfully repelled... In the end, after much anxiety about eviction and repression, people chose to leave. One lesson learned from this occupation attempt was to have..."

I re-wrote your narrative for you Lawfare:

, , and block Chinese users of their sites who have been countering western media's attempt to propagandize on behalf of the color revolution 'protests'. They use Artificial Intelligence to figure out the 'bot' accounts . Right. Note YOU DO NOT KNOW HOW THEIR AI FUNCTIONS AND THEY WILL NEVER ALLOW YOU TO KNOW.
"U.S. Social Media Companies Block Accounts From China Over Hong Kong Disinformation"

It's NEVER too late but make sure to add it to your calendar for next year anyway!

"August 8th !! National Sneak Zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Night"

is an associate of arrested in Ecuador for allegedly hacking the Ecuadorian telecommunications system (or perhaps USING it for the aforementioned hacking) concurrently with Julian Assange's forced removal and arrest at the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Now the Ecuadorians say they're going to hassle him about his taxes and visa status as well.

"Telnet Is Not A Crime: Unconvincing Prosecution Screenshot Leaked in Ola Bini Case" H/t

The NEVER leaks information.

But when they do there's a form for that.

There IS NO 'right way' to make a revolution.

Do YOUR thing!
Build a new society.
Do your part to Destroy the OLD DEAD ROTTING one.

Have fun. Plan carefully. Don't get caught. A revolutionary fights and runs away to live to fight another day. You ARE NOT a disposable 'soldier'. You ARE the revolution.

Don't believe me?

Believe Fidel Castro:

Stuff they don't teach Mericans in skool: "On this day, 25 August 1921, the Battle of Blair Mountain began: the largest armed rebellion in the US since the civil war. For five days in late August and early September, 1921 in Logan County, West Virginia, 10,000 striking coal miners battled with armed strikebreakers and deputies following the killing of miners and their supporters in Welch and Sharples."

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