Remember being age 14, sobbing in the shower, praying to God, “Please don’t make me gay. Please don’t make me gay.”

Didn’t help.
for the queer folks out there: out of curiousity, at what age did you realize you weren't straight?


1992 was a real different time to realize you were gay. You saw no positive portrayals of it anywhere. It was basically equivalent with "sex offender" with everyone I knew. AIDS was a disease God had sent to punish gays. You'd never have a normal life.

It was so fucking scary.

The typical start for a YA novel is the protagonist having the life they had hoped for and planned on taken from them unexpectedly, and then, broken, they have to rebuild something different.

I always related to those so hard, and you see that story reflected in all my stuff

Imagine that Hagrid shows up at your door and goes "You're a QUEER, Harry!" but instead of getting to go to a magic school where you get super powers you just have to keep living with the Dursleys.

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