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And btw... it's not that I am uninterested in the people I follow here, it's just that between folks who are still on Twitter and the low number of updates here, once or twice a week pretty much does it.

As someone with pretty bad executive dysfunction, just REMEMBERING that the site exists and that I should visit it is really tough.

Dang, I just got a VERY scoldy email from Mastodon pissed at me for using a cross-poster.

They're like "it makes garbled posts, mentions people who aren't there, and it doesn't get you used to Mastodon since it disincentivizes you from showing up."

Listen buddy, the only reason I remember to show up here AT ALL is to see engagement on crossposted tweets. Otherwise I wouldn't even be here.

Also wtf are you actually worried about? No one will follow me anyway if my stream is no good.

One unexpected side effect of playing a support class in an RPG is that every other player's success feels like YOUR success, so you get that little dopamine hit more often.

We have all these weird hangups and feelings of shame over moles and scars and hair and flab, but this is who humans are--it's how we're shaped. And our obsession with masking or hiding these features means that we don't see them regularly and think they're ugly or shameful.

RT If anyone wanted the full quote:

One of the things I really liked about Westworld was the way it normalized nudity without sexualizing it.

Clothing is so messed up. I wish we all had healthier relationships with our bodies.

[during sex]

Me: hurt me

Him: your obsession with books doesn't make you quirky or intelligent, you just seek fiction as escapism from your own life

Me: wait

Him: you root for character development and relationships in stories because you're unable to cultivate your own

When you say you have diabetes and people ask if it's type one or type two they are secretly asking if it's your fault or not

hey "kill your darlings" is bad writing advice. no one @ me.

An irregular reminder that you can preorder my story collection HOMESICK, which is full of queer and trans characters, feelings, and weirdness.

Mother Bat flying with her baby
(Photo: 360pixual)

Ugh, I have no further time or emotional energy to expend on my recent coworker-turned-manager's ongoing struggle against reality.

People who spend more than two hours a week outdoors in nature report significantly higher levels of health and well-being.

With frenemies like this, who needs enemiends?

I legitimately have no idea what Mitch McConnell would do if Trump announced that he was allowed to take all Mitch’s money and repeatedly kick him in the stomach

British Photographer Justin Quinnell Turns The Inside Of His Mouth Into A Pinhole Camera

I try never to say "I didn't have time." That is always a lie. I have 24 hours every day.

Instead of saying, "I didn't have time for that," I say, "I didn't prioritize that." It helps if I acknowledge that I'm making choices, not helpless.

I'm pretty sure a factor of my low-key stress lately has been that I haven't been making time to read. I need to read more.

We didn't finish The Predator because we got bored and decided to play video games. There were even Predator dogs and a giant 11' tall predator but it was still boring somehow.

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