After 2+ years I finally got my top braces off! 😁

I can't wait for the Spring semester to be over! ❤️

I ate lunch today with a friend and his family today. It went really great. :)

For English I need to write a profile report, so I'm doing mine on emotionally abusive relationships.

In two weeks I start a 8 week college algebra course. :calculator:

Listening to formal President Obama tell his speech makes me miss him. 😭

Oh my god guys, guess who's getting their Nike on soon? This gal! 👟

I also want to buy a pair of Nike shoes now. 👞 I need to check and see if my local shoe store has them in a size 10 wide. 🤔

I decided I'm gonna do my English research report on emotionally abusive relationships.

I got two teeth filled today at the dentist. I still feel sleepy from taking the Valium. 😴

My younger sister got a mouse from a friend. Apparently the mouse might be pregnant. 😮

@Lilliebette I love your avatar it's adorable! Also, welcome back!

I just discovered someone is trying to impersonate my YouTube channel. 🧐 It’s feels strange to have someone impersonate you.

I want to continue staying up later, but it's 4:11 am. Welp it's time for bed! 😴

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