So tomorrow the giant, gray load-bearing pole behind my desk goes from being boring to being Reinholm Industries. Roy and Moss would be proud:

It's almost the end of the year. I know that are probably not the first thing on everyone's list but I would like to take a moment to mention all of the good that the @eff ( and ( do. I donate to these two organizations every year in the hopes that every year, our digital lives get a little bit better.

I always find it quite amusing when those at the top proudly proselytize about not working more than 40 hours a week when they did the exact opposite to get to where they are and in some cases, set expectations for their employees that make this impossible. How about instead promoting ideals which only you can take advantage of, you instead create a holistic culture change which allows all employees to take advantage of more reasonable work hours:

Come by and see me Saturday in at the . I will be presenting "Microcontrollers and Single Board Computers for Hacking, Fun and Profit" -

Just a friendly reminder; if you find a , the best thing to do is it. At worst you have protected some unfortunate soul's privacy. At best you have prevented the spread of a potentially malicious trojan.

...and . Wet weather, track slippage, it's a Thursday, etc.

Favorite board currently, iGK64 hot-swappable PCB, real wood frame, Kailh Box Royal switches, DSA Dolch keycaps.

Finally a weekend without masks, smoke and yellow skies.

MEGA kudos to Lydia Senn for such an awesome video. If you're the type of person who impulse buys during this time of year, you should watch this video:

Please watch and share. Matt D'Avella is ON POINT. Please make this year the year that you don't add more to your life just for :

Another day in post-apocolyptic . Stay safe people and wear your masks!

Northern California pet owners: call me crazy but it seems borderline torturous to drag an animal out in this bad air without any type of respirator.

YAY! My first presentation is finally live on ! Huge thanks to the for giving me the opportunity to complete this personal milestone:

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