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I wanted to tell you about a really special event that my company is putting on in Toronto called the Lookout S(h)ecurity Bootcamp.

Open to , science majors, and who are new to , this event is a full day of FREE security with some of the area's top professionals. Not only will there be amazing hands-on content, but there's also a chance to win a trip to Security Convention in ! -


Honestly in this day and age, this doesn't sound like a half bad idea. - startyourownisp.com

I found out my 5-year-old LOVES Magic: The Gathering and strategic games this weekend!

Less than 24 hours left to sign up for the Lookout S(h)ecurity Bootcamp Toronto - lookoutshecuritybootcamptoront

Tutanota in Russian language http://tutanota[.]ru/ cc @TutanotaTeam t.co/vf1w61j4Kw

Before and after enabling "Strict site isolation" on Chrome (enable here via chrome://flags, check with xlab.tencent.com/special/spect) t.co/NfG1rr5Qyh

Reversing an antivirus to make it detect classified documents 👌 objective-see.com/blog/blog_0x t.co/JcaAwFJXSv

So everyone with an Android phone that is older than 6 months could be vulnerable to and considering that manufacturers rarely update? Those seem like a far better target since many people live on those devices solely.

Attacking Read-Only Domain Controllers (RODCs) to Own Active Directory adsecurity.org/?p=3592 t.co/mSf4i1MBcz

Good reminder to get your earthquake kits!

so glad to have yet another platform to yell EARTHQUAKE on

Earthquake direction looks to be San Simeon => Oroville => Westley => Berkley