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I love how many people see my @eff hoodie and think I work for the .

Join EFF today and help continue our 27-year legacy of standing up for digital privacy and free speech. eff.org/4JPB

Awesome idea... if you're not a geek or an engineer or in security or a gamer or basically any person who works in dimly lit spaces: deals.kinja.com/logitechs-sola

Thanks to everyone who volunteered at, presented at and generally supported this year! It was a great event. I'm glad to have met so many folks and enjoyed discussing our plans for the .

I know there was a lot of interest in the wrist-mounted war driving kit I was wearing and trust me, as soon as I figure out what the next steps are with it, I will definitely let you know.

See you all next year!

RT @Cyclideon@twitter.com: Never forget who benefits from these wars.

This hasn't been officially announced yet but there's an upcoming event in for in , and . The name of the event is the Day of . Here is the flyer that will be going to this weekend.

If you or someone you know is a in the industry, then you should definitely check out this event as it's for a very good cause. 11% is pathetically low! We need more women in the industry!

how tf is it that linux knows how to handle a middle click (click vs scroll) on a track point and the lenovo driver on windows doesn't?

I just saw on a woman reading a book called "My Hair is a Garden." If that's the case, mine is like the next door neighbor's lawn after they came back from a six week international vacation and forgot to water it.

Success is achieved, not in the way you spend your next year, but in how you spend your next 20 minutes.

windows in 2001: Are you sure you want to close this? you haven't saved. Make sure you save before you close. Always save. Look I'll autosave it

windows in 2018: Are you sure yo- *hard resets to install updates*

Bright sunny and cheery at NYC Resistor this morning

One thing which bugged me about the Facebook hearing yesterday which I don't think I've seen mentioned.

Zuckerburg whilst listing off a bunch things that are unsuitable and should be removed from facebook mentioned self harm amongst racist hate speech and and threats of violence.

For many Facebook will be their main connection to their support network of friends and family.

This effectively severs the ability of people to talk about self harm with their peers, leaving them further isolated.

I am not sure what the applicants applying for a student assistant position think it says about them if they a) cannot read the details, or b) they choose to ignore them, but to me it means they only want a job, not this one.

You have one USB drive sent to Mexico and Amazon starts sending you emails in Spanish.