for those who ride from to the every day: if you usually try to get on at the station and are frustrated that you can't find a seat, consider a little maneuver I like to call "the J". Basically what you do is take back to and get on your train there.

While you're not guaranteed to get a seat, you have a much higher chance of enjoying your commute.

We were driving today and we saw some large turkeys walking around in ; they were HUGE. I stopped the car, rolled down the window and said, “Sup turkeys…” to which they actually responded with… well, more than a few of them gobbled at me. I have taken this as a sign of the following:

1) in are chill like that.
2) understand .
3) I was called out by a gang of Turkeys because they knew I wasn’t going to throw down with a bunch of Turkeys.

to pay $12M to pay restitution for giving information to ICE without a . Ironically, that's the same amount of money that I would require before I'd willingly step foot sober in a . -

The only thing I needed to know about this entire train wreck was already given to me in the last three words of the headlines: "Kirstjen Nielsen's Resignation" -

Saying that you vow to be better at than is like saying you plan on being better at not smoking than George Burns:

After four hours of literally beating my head against digital walls trying to figure out how to get properly installed on a One (and learning a WHOLE LOT about and ), I can finally say that I succeeded!!

I'm not sure what I did to fix my tomcat problem but it seems to be working again. I guess my soul is that much closer to going to hell.

TikTok was found to be not following privacy rules.

And then, in the process of trying to comply with them, made a series of mistakes that cost people access to their videos.

We're looking for stories about how Venmo's friend list settings have messed with your privacy.

What could someone find out about you by looking at your Venmo friend list? If there were an option to make the list private, would you use it?

No one thinks it was a good idea for the FCC to abandon oversight over the broadband industry. But some in Sacramento think CA should do the same. AB 1366 would set the state backwards on promoting broadband competition. Tell your legislator to vote NO.

Not caring about privacy is often an indicator of privilege. But the surveillance and data abuse that happens to the poor and marginalized is a possible future for everyone.

Best thing about being a father is that you no longer need an excuse to play with toys. Also, Saturdays make great days for epic Nerf battles.

Remember these (for those who do not they are called M.U.S.C.L.E. Men). My son has recently gained an affinity for 80's toys so we bought a handful of these on eBay (these are his favorite three which are the only ones he wanted photographed).

HOLY HELL ... I just signed up to buy a copy of DIRECTLY FROM YOU and the only thing that was more awful than your purchase flow is the user experience of (which drove me to you in the first place). Maybe you all don't care about what your customers need to do to buy from you, but you should. 🤢 🤮

Many wealthy people are little more than janitors of their possessions. - Frank Lloyd Wright

I'm not sure why this is even news. There should be no surprise when considering a bizarre situation which can only be entered into by someone with little to no grasp on societal norms that the words "Florida man" are inevitably found. -

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