Join us for Presents on November 15th in . This 3-hour event kicks off at 6pm with a Lightening talk from Nicole Fish, our Day of Shecurity ambassador and the first Day of Shecurity 2017 grand prize winner. Following her awesome story will be a talk about what's new in the cybersecurity world (IQ) and another about business skills (EQ). RSVP here for the event: and please join our Meet-Up group to stay informed about future events!

in order to avoid cutting the salary of our executives, we will pay you more by paying you less

the chaos magic which causes a bug to disappear after venting to someone about how difficult it has been to debug

I started teaching my son tonight. I was shocked with how quickly he gained proficiency.

I get that has to protect the integrity of its accounts, especially after their issues in the past. That being said, having to reset a password should not require a complete torching of the current account.

I love when my d&d players spend an hour discussing back and forth about a plan to do something, weighing pros and cons

It means I made an interesting scenario for them

There are few things like cleaning every nut, washer and ball bearing on a longboard that help put my mind at ease.... and get me super excited to ride the newly cleaned board tomorrow!!

If you're one of those people who gets on in the evening at rush hour near heading and haven't yet figured out that all you have to do is ride back to to get an almost , you have no room to complain, especially since I just told you how to get a seat. It adds (maybe) 10 minutes to your commute, but decreases your commuting stress by 10X.

Is anyone else obnoxiously sick of "unboxing" videos? I mean, seriously... why do I care to watch you unbox something that I don't have (and in my case don't want)?? -

Who remembers this? I’ve been waiting for years for the price on eBay for this to come down to a reasonable level (collectors are eating this up). I finally got one today and I cannot wait to share it with my kids!!

fans, I officially apologize. I am just now realizing how BAD ASS the is. I bought one the other day to replace an aging and honestly it was the Best. Decision. This. Year. (I'd say, "ever" but that's not really accurate and may piss off my wife).

Honestly, the only thing that annoys me more than the fervor around the new iPhone is .

Holy hell... I don't know if I should be announcing this publicly but I just figured out that if I turn on the soundtrack to of the , I can work almost non-stop for hours.

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