Just a friendly reminder; if you find a , the best thing to do is it. At worst you have protected some unfortunate soul's privacy. At best you have prevented the spread of a potentially malicious trojan.

@pennsylforniageek would plugging it to a air-gapped raspberry pi that formats the drive with 0-overwrite work ?


So we've done that in the past in some specific cases. However, if a device potentially contains PII or FPII and you don't know who the owner is, it's best to just destroy it.

@pennsylforniageek @aurora The part that everyone should not keep unknown USB drives. And never put those into your own devices.



But if you're curious (or you are e.g. a journalist or other possible "legit" recipient of anonymous USB-drives), and still want to protect yourself, you could use the #USBSanitizer:

Thank you for this!! We wanted to build one in the office and were on the hunt for a project! Have you built this before? I know that there are others; I wonder how this compares.


You're welcome!

I haven't built nor used this yet, just had it in the back of my mind and thus quickly found the link!

Have fun building it!

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