Switched to an old El Cheapo wired mouse I had lying around. This one sporadically ignores clicks. :kerbal:

There's no easier way to turn someone absolutely insane than using a mouse that sporadically double-clicks. Want to select text? Sorry loser! How about attempting to change browser tabs? Nice try bitch, you've just opened another window!

Hate computor.

DISCLAIMER: I know nothing about Go besides "black and white stones" and "It's a board game".

What if we took a clown (one of nature's most gentle creatures) and made him dArK aNd TwIzTeD??

@Pixley He's what would happen if Slavoj Zizek and Guillermo del Toro entered a teleporter at the same time.

@SouthernGothHick A fruit that attempts to destroy your face as you eat it unless you follow an elaborate ritual to purify it sounds kickass.

@SouthernGothHick Oh, I don't think there are any persimmon... trees? bushes? around here, so I guess I'm safe from them for now.
Are they... poisonous? 😨

I impulsively bought some persimmons. I've never tried 'em before, so let's hope I'm not... violently allergic or something.

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