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Does anyone here use Scuttlebutt? What is your feeling and comparision with Hubzilla or Friendica? Maybe you have some interesting article about that?


@m4sk1n moja niestety też, chciałem spróbować jednak AK czegoś dedykowanego, bo nie pamiętam o wszystkich swoich kontach, ale poradzę sobie..

what's the best/ur favourite mastodon desktop software?

@teddybeard @Framasoft oh guys congratulations!! félicitations! please, with this money focus more on the mobile app! I suppose it could be crucial for making it more available and hence, giving people a real alternative. so happy I could contribute!!

@Sylvanna ok after a long research I decided to use disroot.org (which I found accidentally thanks to some anarchists/anti-capitalist people at anticapitalist.party! AMAZING!!) which I STRONGLY suggest to support financially or with unused hardware! emails are not for free and we need such NGOs! Riseup.net also looks very good and I have friends with an account there, but hard to obtain an invitation code. POWER TO THE PEOPLE :)

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@Framasoft @pepemao
J'ai retrouvé le fil sur lequel le dépot Git est annoncé pour la version Android 😃
Fil :
Depôt :

(Que c'est bon de pouvoir répondre sans se réstreindre du nombre de caractères 😆 - et même de pouvoir le clamer !)

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Something on a beautiful country of Poland!
(spoiler: problems not mentioned, e.x. this 'shock terapy'..! quite decent though!)
and it's not about being 'rich', it's more about stability. www.youtube.com/watch?v=F1F1c3…
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@thinkMoult @aadilayub @aral @mntmn I had the habit of changing my phone every year or so earlier. Then I learnt about all the mining and slave labor that goes into making smartphones. I'm using my current phone for the third year now thanks to #LineageOS and am targeting 5 years of usage.

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„Nie” dla filtrowania Internetu! Wspólnie z innymi organizacjami apelujemy do europosłów

@xaphanpl @michal Tzn? Jakieś sprzężenia z Jabberem/ matrixem? szyfrowanie prywatnych wiadomości? :D Możliwość udostępnienia podglądu strony podczas wrzucania linków (np. filmiku? u mnie z jakiegoś powodu z reguły to nie działa) ? 😍 :blobaww:

@Framasoft Je croix que vous pourriez penser de designer quelque forme de l'application pour Android, s'il vous plais! -droid Bonnes chances! :blobaww: et merci!

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Wow ! Plus de 40 000€ pour #PeerTube ! Le pallier des 45 000 € n'est vraiment pas loin...
Vous avez jusqu'à jeudi minuit (CEST - heure de Paris) pour contribuer à notre crowdfunding sur kisskissbankbank.com/fr/projec

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Did you know allows you to download volunteer GPS activity anywhere in the world? This means architects, urban planners, and you can analyse urban behaviour to make better decisions for the built environment! Read more in my latest article here:


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