"It's like you could follow Facebook accounts on Twitter, and vice versa."

Do you think this works as a useful explanation of federation and Mastodon for people who are confused about it? The email comparison seems insufficient for many.

@Gargron I've set up Mastodon locally through Vagrant (works like a charm) but I get incorrect user/password error when using admin@mastodon.dev and password "mastodonadmin". Works if I use admin@localhost:3000 instead, same password.

I own a large number of Mars related domains, I'm going to save at least one (maybe martian.technology?) for a future Mastodon instance for people who live on Mars.

Wait, are we caught up? ARE WE REAL TIME?!

This night bus I'm on, every new traveller brings another cloud of weed smoke, and those lucky few with food have it intensely eyed like by starved wolves. I like this bus.

When you name your venue Colosseum, you have a lot to live up to. I mean, they staged full scale sea battles.

On a bus to the world's largest spherical building, under which a dark alley hosts a performance by Yasiin Bey formerly known as Mos Def after three previous attempts to extract him from passport trouble in South Africa. How's your evening?

William Shatner apparently won't boldly go after all.

Time to start thinking about another Alien anthology marathon. Maybe I'm in denial, but I have not given up on its future.

Hendrix portrait made up completely of guitar picks.

I just love it when you listen through hours and hours of old soul tracks and suddenly get something that was sampled in a song you've heard a thousand times, such a specific kind of mindblow. :notes:

What triggered the massive increase in registrations here? User count essentially doubled from 20,000 to 40,000 in a week.

There are NO checkmark verifications on this instance or any other. People just put emoji in their display names for a joke

I can't comprehend how Inception is the highest rated science fiction movie of all time on IMDb. It's confusing in the worst sense, where Primer would be an example of the exact opposite.

Confusion can be benign, enigmatic, and a result of inherent plot points (e.g. time travel), but Inception entirely invents its own premise and various causes of confusion.

Not that Nolan isn't capable though. The Prestige (also on the IMDb top ten) is very clever and clear, despite all its layers.


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