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Anyway, my knife's done. They're a sort of vicious, opulent fish.

corpse nonsense 



I'll concede to felinity only in being smaller when I feel safe.

"...a frenzied rite named by the sect's adherents as 'the fructive castration'..."

Do you reckon the indefensible luxury of imagining yourself to be harmless tastes good, or is it more of a comfortable absence of feeling?

dream incest 


Is having errantly chomped a still-vital limb in the crush around the corpse any cause to forbid us from further gnawing language as starvation-crazed vermin? You lose track of yourself for a moment and someone's fingers are in your throat—isn't that how it ought to be?

Mostly-asleep-looking 12-or-so-year-old just drifted by mumbling, "You could live forever and ever and ever and..."

My hands should be covered in tectoplastic spikes like in that Ian McDonald novel that dented my young brain. I want to be able to refuse a handshake by saying, "No, I oughtn't, I've got the overwhelmingly sensual nano-cancer needles."

off food 

As a small child I once refused to take off a pair of toy handcuffs for hours until I could retrieve their very unnecessary keys. Endearing commitment. Last time I walked a church labyrinth I left it in a straight line.

Proliferation of stacked-block energy storage could revive your failing catapult business.

Given I was improvising and teaching myself skills & tools at every step, I'm pretty happy with it. Kept my perfectionism at bay better than I often do.

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