Falta poc per aconseguir-ho! : “Tens un punt volat? Ensenyem el caràcter de la ela geminada al món!” vkm.is/puntvolat.

Website for comic typefaces (beware: some have a really short character set): Blambot Comic Fonts & Lettering blambot.com/

Where did LibreOffice come from? What happened to its predecessors, OpenOffice.org and StarOffice? Discover the rich history of the software on our timeline! libreoffice.org/about-us/libre

The Proton team hopes you have a constant and irrationally good !

🤩 It’s been almost 22 years since I’ve first read this article* but Gerrit Noordzij is the original shade throwing polemic of type.

Much love for “even van Krimpen was born an illiterate” and “the classification is restricted to type, otherwise the arch of Constantin would also be unified with my typewriter”. 🤩

* Broken Scripts and the Classification of Typefaces

FREE ebook of Flexible Typesetting for educators. Offer expires Jan 31! Please share.


As Dave Winer says, we can say "journalism", because we non-journalists see journalism as a whole. Scripting News: Friday, November 16, 2018 scripting.com/2018/11/16.html#

Heute vor 25 Jahren wurde die Fakultät Gestaltung an der Bauhaus-Universität Weimar offiziell gegründet. Auch wenn die Uni das nicht feiert, haben wir, die Studenten des ersten Jahrgangs, das nicht vergessen!
Mein lieber Freund und Ex-Kommilitone Markus war vor Ort und hat der Fakultät ein Ständchen gesungen. Prost FakG! 🍻

Working with on and Mac (ideally with the Documents folder synchronization through ), requires two complementary things: first, or a similar app to install typefaces on iOS; second, a set of Pages templates already created on the Mac, because creating them on iOS would be painfully slow.

About on : Right now, the main feature left would be, I believe, the automatic change from straight quotes (or typewriter quotes) to typographic ones. Not having that throws us back fifty years in typographic quality.

Working on my 2009
MacBook Pro with 10.6.8 and Xpress 9 again today and it is SO FAST!

The best part of Typodon is that no one is trying to tell me how awesome the Adobe Fonts changes are supposed to be.

V for Wiki 1.6 is here—with an all-new image gallery, 3D Touch previews in articles, full iOS 12 support, and many other improvements.

I rarely read ebooks. When I do, I find so much to say about (typographic composition)!

I’ll be speaking at TDC this October! Let’s talk about flexible typesetting: tdc.org/event/tim-brown-flexib

(You should totally come. Especially if you’ve never been to the TDC.)

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