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Netflix time. Clover field Paradox coming up

Another lazy Sunday is coming to an end.

Had a great day with the family

Slept in on a Sunday. Felt great

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So I suck as using social media. But update on my last toot about finding lipstick in Frieza's lip color:

I totally did find it. I bought it immediately and I rocked the skaboopy out of it.

Two more days til Xmas!!!

Only a few more days till Xmas🤩

Less than a week left till Xmas

Woke up a little after midnight and cant go back to sleep

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Very disappointed in the Last Jedi.

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ICYMI, here's a fun trailer for the MECH CADET YU comic book I'm making with Tak Miyazawa, Triona Farrell, and Simon Bowland. Feel free to spread it around!

Up at midnight and can’t go back to sleep😩

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Thrilled that Patreon changed their mind about their fee change. I'm just a backer there now, but I'm VERY interested in all platforms designed to let indie creators reach audience, so it was important to me. And I have so many friends who were lost real income because of those changes.

Good reminder, though, that we need to maintain ways to connect with audience OUTSIDE of these services. That's why I've relaunched my email newsletter.

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Very happy with the email newsletter relaunch, btw. Tested MailChimp and Tiny Letter. MailChimp felt too complicated just to compose the newsletter -- didn't love the interface/WSIWYG system. And I didn't love the fact that both MailChimp and Tiny Letter seem to create online web versions of each email by default -- which I couldn't figure out how to delete. That strikes me as bad.