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Hi, I'm Persis. I work on urban governance and have lots of thoughts/feelings (increasingly unable to differentiate between the two) on democratic processes.

As a baby of the 90s, I have an attachment to secularism, multiculturalism and diversity so let's make them a reality ok?

I'll slowly add a list of publications to this toot, but know that I do NOT LOOK LIKE THE ONE PARSI AUNTY who married into your family. ok?

I don't mean azad Kashmir, but all non-cow belt states (barring maybe Karnataka which seems to like this new government) will become countries.

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We need to dig the submissions and deliberations made by Shri Krishna Committee on community data. At the Hyderabad open house I did mention it with him and the panel. Govt must make them public

CAB and the internet shutdowns will only revive the calls for sovereignty from India. The centre cannot hold this expanse of land for long without cooperation.

Remember that #internetshutdowns started in Kashmir and have become the norm across the country. It's not just a north east problem now. Kashmir still has its network down.

the last few days discussions on rape have triggered fear in my cells. It's so strange how the body contracts and feels anger at the same time when we read (I can't bring myself to view visuals).

F*ckers burnt her while she was going to court. The effort that woman has put into creating boundaries for herself is unbelievable and we need to acknowledge what a bad ass survivor and activist she is.

Does the change in state government (who control the Pune Police) allow for changes to activists under after ?


TMC has given Adjournment Motion notice in Lok Sabha over WhatsApp privacy issue.


#EPWDistilled: Can you successfully claim your right to Indian citizenship? Follow our guide to see how the state is able to arbitrarily deprive Indians of their fundamental rights, and imprison them with no recourse.

Is it just me or do we all wonder what KC Sivaramakrishnan would have said about the misuse of the role of the governor in India?

Read 's profile in the guardian late because MaharashtraPolitics be putting me in strasss!

is there is a relationship between my government pushing for autocracy and my viewing of self-care videos? Is my failing democracy financing the skin care industry?

If the court doesn't exercise it's powers of judicial review, then people like them will continue to play fraud upon the constitution. It has happened before, is happening now and will continue to happen if the court doesn't interfere. First, Karnataka, then Kashmir, and now Maharashtra. What is this if not a misuse of constitutional office?

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