Mastodon isn't fun unless it's really wild and busy. And it isn't anymore and that makes me sad.

When I first joined there would be 50 or more new toots in my timeline every 30 minutes. No joke I just opened it after three days and there was only 50 new toots.

I had decent interactions on my toots before, and it was so much fun interacting with everyone. But so many people moved on and now my posts get minimal or more often no interactions.

It's depressing.

Does anyone grew up feeling like they were worth less than football... It's why I hate it. Just the sound of football makes my blood pressure rise. I associate it with being yelled at for interrupting it and being emotionally neglected for it. I basically lost my dad as long as football was on. I feel relief when football season is over and get a deep pit in my stomach when it's back on

Adoptable ocs don't make sense to me. I'm glad people are having fun, but I cannot remotely separate my ocs from their setting.

I guess it's the way I make my ocs. I start with a role to fit in the world, and build from there. I feel like it creates the most grounded and believable ocs. It feels like discovering them rather than creating.

Adoptable lose their setting, and I have no idea what to do with them.

I hate the people who act like they accept your autism, but then you realize they are just constantly pushing you off. They aren't being permissive of your SIs, they are pretending to listen at all. They don't accept your stims and stim toys, they see you are lesser because of them and don't care enough about you to care about the stims.

It hurts a lot more than them just being outright unaccepting. Because you thought you had an ally, but all you got was infantilization.

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I will never understand fashion designers and sewers who don't wear their designs just because it's not traditionally for their gender.

Like, the fuck? I'm not doing that. I'm making some fucking dresses and I'm wearing it. I'm in the process for an orange linen romper and you bet I'm but fucking wearing it.

My mastodon died which is really disappointing. The internet has become a little boring now that I have no primary social media, but I'm sewing more so maybe that's a good fhing

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here is a 3000x3000 resolution model of isabelle dabbing

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