If you have my dead name please get at least 5000 feet away from me

Like no matter how hard I try I cannot like anyone with my dead name. At least it's not the most common so I don't come across it commonly.

It's also apperently a stripper name because the amount of people who told me I had a stripper name once I came out was staggering???

Being in a wheelchair means some grandma WILL not notice you and WILL bend over and hit you in the face with her grandma butt

The problem with being in a wheelchair is that I am butt level

This is not always a problem, but it often is

I will use it to display garments once I get started historical costuming but of course I will also stick it in the shower to scare people

I told my dad I really wanted a mannequin and he took me to sears and asked me which one would he more useful to me, and guys I might actually get one.

I'm literally more excited about a sears mannequin than anything else

I used to have a pet snail named pistachio but one day I accidently left the lid to his cage (which I made out of a cat litter jug) open and pistachio ran away. I was sure he couldn't be far but I couldn't find him :(

I miss pistachio.

Once I had a friend over and they literally just grabbed my cats belly and went "squish, squish" and it was so weird that my cat didn't even know how to react. She just stared up at them with the most confused look I've ever seen on an animal.

I am still not over Avatar the Last Airbender and I can't wait for the Fandom resurgence the Netflix show is going to bring back.

Season 1 Zuko has all the anger to curse up a storm, but he never actually learned any swear words in the palace, and Uncle Iroh makes sure the crew doesn't spew their sailor mouths around innocent 14 year old Zuko.

Sometimes, in his room, he mutters shit to himself and then looks around to make sure his uncle didn't hear

And everytime he starts to curse in front of a child Katara glares at him and he fades into the most bizarre curse word substitutes known to man

If you don't think Sokka wouldn't be cursing the entire time then you never really got his character

So I crashed into a knitting display.

Turns out you cannot roll a wheelchair and text at the same time

Diogenes is my favorite philosopher but holy fuck I would not want a dinner with him. I want to watch him dine with Plato though

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